Don't-Miss Utility software Stories

Turn Your Amazon Cloud Drive into Desktop-Accessible Storage

Instead of monkeying around with Amazon's Web-based file manager, use Gladinet Cloud Desktop to make your Cloud Drive work like a network drive.

Leaving Your Job? Take Your Data With You

Whether you're leaving on your own timetable or departing with a pink slip in your hand, here's how to hit the bricks with your digital life intact.

Can Your System Handle Windows 7?

Here's some advice on upgrading to Windows 7, defragmenting your hard drive, and handling Data Execution Protection warnings.


Keep Your Hard Drive Running Smoothly with Smart Defrag 2

Defragging your hard drive won't cure any actual problems with your PC, but it may decrease the strain on your hard drive--and make your system a bit peppier.

My Backup is a Mess

With an external hard drive filling up with redundant backups, Loutsoul62 turned to the Answer Line forum for help

What to Do When Fences Forgets Your Icon Layout

Fences is the best desktop organizer ever--until it forgets your layout and scatters icons all over the place. Here's how to make it remember your setup.


Five Steps to a Better New PC

Just bought a new PC? Here's how to ditch the bloatware, get the apps you want, and make sure it has all your important data.


Keep Your PC Insulated from Internet Threats with Free BufferZone Pro

This simple "sandbox" tool creates a virtual environment that protects your PC from viruses, spyware, and the like. It used to cost $40; now it's free!

Using More Than One Backup Program

Ata Amiri asked if using two separate backup program will interfere with incremental backups

Hotkeys, Macros, and Gestures: Save Time With Your PC

Want to automate your most frequent PC tasks? Here's how to map common PC actions to the keyboard buttons (or mouse gestures) of your choice.

PC Spring Cleaning: Automatically Organize Your Files

Here's how to find and eliminate PC clutter--and automate file organization so that it never crops up again.


Automatically Insert Text with a Hotkey or Abbreviation

Tired of constantly typing in the same words, e-mail addresses, signatures, and the like? A good macro program (like PhraseExpress 8) automates that data entry for you.

Force a Window to Stay On Top of Other Windows

Ever wish individual programs had an "always on top" option? A few do; for all others, grab the free Always On Top utility.