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How to Download YouTube Videos

If you want to download YouTube videos without having to pay a fee, install a toolbar, or run a dubious browser plug-in, check out our handy guide to using YouTube Downloader HD.


Filter YouTube Comments, Google Alerts and Chrome Tips

Learn how to filter out objectionable comments on YouTube, configure Google Alerts, and enable autofill in Chrome.

How to Filter YouTube's Undesirable Comments

Even a seemingly innocent video can be rife with profanity-laden and/or hate-filled comments. Here's how Chrome and Firefox users can block them from innocent eyes.


Use Google Alerts to Keep Tabs on the News You Want

Do you routinely search the Web for the same subjects? Save time: Let Google Alerts bring the results to your inbox or feed reader.

Fixes for Outlook General Failure Error, Unwanted Windows Reboots

Here's a potential fix for the dreaded Outlook General Failure error, plus how to keep Windows from automatically rebooting after an update.

Google Chrome Tip: Enable AutoFill for Fast and Easy Form Completion

If you're a Chrome user, don't overlook this awesome feature, which can save you a ton of time when faced with any online form.

Subscribe to RSS Feeds To Track Blogs, News, and Even PC World

Artman clicked an RSS link and got a screenful of code. He asked the Windows forum for advice.

Why Facebook Is Better for Business Than Google+

The love-in has started now that Google+ Pages are here, but they don't stack up to Facebook Pages for business.

Get Started Managing Multiple PCs with Windows Intune

Discover Microsoft’s new cloud-based service to remotely secure, monitor, manage, and assist PCs via the Internet. Check out the features and see how to get started.

Make Your Tech Life Easier: Load Apps and Docs at Startup, Chrome Tips

Here's how to set up Windows 7 and Vista to load specific applications and documents at startup, and how to troubleshoot Google Chrome's bookmark syncing.

Troubleshoot Google Chrome Bookmark Syncing

If you're having trouble getting your bookmark bar to keep in sync between PCs, try this simple fix.

Wi-Fi Tethering 101: Use a Smartphone as a Mobile Hotspot

Buried inside many smartphones is a capability that few take advantage of. Tethering lets a phone act as a mobile hotspot to supply Web access to nearby PCs and other devices.

How to Promote and Maintain Your Facebook Business Page

Merely building a presence for your company on Facebook isn't enough. To develop a fan base, keep people engaged, and increase sales, start with these steps.