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Google Docs Reconsidered: Hands-on With the Suite

Here's a closer look at Google Docs and its new features, from someone who uses the productivity suite every day.

myBantu Brings Social Productivity to Android and iOS

With new apps for Android and iOS, myBantu offers a compelling approach to social productivity and filtered search.

When a Cloud Service Vanishes: How to Protect Your Data

More and more, we rely on Web services as a matter of course. What happens when a service disappears?

Tame Firefox, Control Gmail Downloads, Stream Windows Media Center Files to iPhone

Rick tackles his own hassles this week: Firefox opening on the wrong monitor, Gmail downloading thousands of emails, Windows Media Center streaming issues.

How to Publish Your Own Amazon Kindle Ebook

Book deals are hard to come by, but with the advent of electronic books--and with the availability of simple, affordable self-publishing options--anyone can be an author. Here's how to start.

Help Friends and Family Through Remote Control

Roscoblunt's friends call him with their computer questions. He asked the Desktops forum to recommend a free program for remote help.

Bring Back Internet Explorer 8

Uli Mrose updated Windows Explorer to version 9, but didn’t like it. Here’s how to bring back IE8.

How to Unlock Google Docs' Hidden New Look

A clean new design and more keyboard shortcuts are available, if you know where to look.

Stop Gmail From Downloading Too Many Messages to Your E-Mail Client

If you use Gmail IMAP with your desktop mail program, you have have a problem with it trying to download too many messages. Here's the fix.

Add Convenient Print Preview for Firefox

Parker3 asked how to put Print Preview icon on the Firefox toolbar

Tweak Your Favorite Tools: Turbocharge Gmail, Add Icons to Windows Taskbar

Customize Google's task manager with Taskforce, add features to Gmail, add icons to Windows 7's taskbar.

Get Your Inbox Back to Zero

Suddenly finding yourself buried in a bloated e-mail inbox? Here five steps to get that inbox emptied without blowing off your obligations.

Speed Up Repetitive E-mails With Gmail Canned Responses

Tired of typing the same message several times a day? The Canned Responses feature from Gmail Labs lets you automate boilerplate text.