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How to Make Great Business Cards

Whether you run a company or are striking out on your own as a freelancer, business cards remain essential to your image and your networking efforts. Here's how to make business cards that help you shine.

How to Install a Link-Checker Plug-In

Enhance your browsing security by using an app designed to check online links before jumping you to the associated sites.

Can You be Cyber-Stalked? The 30-Minute Google Challenge

What traces do you leave on the Web? Two PCWorld editors try to dig up dirt on their coworkers in under 30 minutes.

Control Your PC From Your iPad With Remote Desktop Apps

Want to drive your computer from your Apple tablet? We tested four of the top iPad remote-control apps to see which one dominates desktops best.

Four Safer Ways to Pay Online

Worried about hackers snagging your credit card info? Taking a few precautionary steps can go a long way in protecting your account.

Don’t Be a Loser on eBay

Following just a few simple tips and tricks can make your auction bidding more successful--and more fun.

Tips for Online Tools: Gmail, Xmarks, Sumo Paint

Clear old messages from Gmail, use Xmarks to back up your bookmarks, and edit images online with Sumo Paint.

How to Use Twitter Like a Pro

Twitter has evolved into a powerful social medium and an effective platform for engaging customers and business partners, but only if you use it wisely.

How to Clear Old Messages from Your Gmail Inbox

Is your inbox packed with hundreds of even thousands of old messages? There's no obvious way to remove them--but there is a way.

Leverage Groupon, Twitter, and Facebook for Maximum Exposure

Here are four ways to approach using social media and mass coupon services together to promote your small business.

Gmail Tips: Preview Messages, Insert Images, and More

Learn how to preview messages, insert images into email, view unread messages only, and increase the number of visible messages in Gmail.

Twitter Photo-sharing Could Shift Your Social Media Strategy

The new Twitter feature should offer new opportunities for companies to connect with followers directly by sharing pictures.

Increase the Number of Visible Messages in Your Gmail Inbox

By default, Gmail shows you only 25 messages at a time. Productivity nightmare! Fortunately, there's an easy way to raise the number to 50 or even 100.