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How to Benchmark Your Browser for HTML 5

Modern Web browsers on both mobile devices and PCs now support HTML 5, including HTML 5 canvas rendering. We show you how to get the most out of your browser with a little testing and tweaking.

Manage Your Social Networking From One Spot, Cut Down on Email

Here are a couple of free services that let you manage all your social networks from one place and cut down on email from Facebook, Tumblr, and more.

Can I Safely Open Suspected Spam?

C. Corder asked if it's safe to open an email that landed in the spam folder

How to Get Off Google for Good

Get a fresh start with our complete guide to moving your data off Google servers and permanently deleting your Google accounts.

How to Make and Publish Movies for Free

Learn how to use free editing software, and the best free audio and video material available, to make and publish your own movies--all without spending a dime.


Remove an Email Address in Gmail

MLStrand56 asked the Answer Line about something that should be easy: How do you delete an email address in Gmail?

12 Ways to Make Your Online Profile Work for You

Proactively managing your online persona is a must if you're serious about your career.

Google Privacy Checklist: What to Do Before Google's Privacy Policy Changes on March 1

If you use Gmail, Google Docs, or any other popular G-service, you’re about to surrender a lot more personal information to the Googleplex...unless you take these steps to prevent it.

Find User Guides Online, Compare Camera Sizes

Here's where you can find user manuals for almost any gadget, plus a website that lets you compare camera sizes before you buy.

How to Gauge Camera Size Before Ordering Online

The amazing compares camera sizes so you can tell exactly what you're getting--and how well it fits in your hand.


21 Ways to Buff Up Your Browser

You probably spend more time working (and playing) in IE, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari than in any other application. Here are our favorite tips, tricks, and add-ons to supercharge your Web browser.

Open Web Links Right Inside Thunderbird

Tired of having to switch to your browser every time you click an e-mail link? ThunderBrowse puts Web pages alongside your inbox for quick, convenient viewing.

Thunderbird Tips: IMAP Subscriptions, Email Replies

Choose which IMAP folders to subscribe to in Mozilla Thunderbird, and change the way Thunderbird handles email replies.

Thunderbird Tip: Change IMAP Folder Subscriptions

If you use IMAP with Thunderbird--and you should--you might have trouble finding the folder-subscription setting. Not anymore.

LinkedIn Tip: How to Enable HTTPS Browsing

Facebook enabled the amped-up security feature last year, and now LinkedIn is following suit with news that it will support secure browsing.