Don't-Miss Software Stories

How to Connect Google Calendar to Your Cell Phone

We show you how to connect Google Calendar to your cell phone, so you can manage your schedule any time, any where.


Back Your Data Up the Easy Way

A few tips for easy and low-maintenance ways to backup your files.

What Do I Do With a Really Old File?

Rene found some old files on a CD. Windows doesn’t have a program associated with their extension. She asked the Utilities forum for advice.

Go Back to School in the Cloud

By using Web-based applications and storing your files online, you can work from anywhere, on any device, for next to nothing.

How to Use Strong Passwords

Reduce your vulnerability to data theft and other hacker threats by creating and using robust passwords.

How to Keep Your Software Up-to-Date

Use automatic security updates to ensure that your system has maximum protection.

Is That a 64-bit App?

Cyberknight asked the Windows forum how to identify 64-bit programs

Reader Q&A: Firefox 4, Microsoft Word, Windows Live Mail

Readers ask where to find Previous Pages in Firefox 4, how to increase line spacing in Word, and how to change the font size in Windows Live Mail.

Reader Q&A: Fix IE, Replace Parts, Customize Icons

Readers need help with mysterious Internet Explorer crashes, choosing PC components, and customizing Windows folder icons.


Is It Malware?

Amark found OpenCandy on a PC, and asked the Utilities forum if it's malicious

Software Speed Boosts for Your PC

Here are 14 software tips and tweaks for turbocharging your computer from startup to shutdown.

Must-Have Tools and Tricks

Learn how to get a disposable e-mail address, stop Windows 7 from automatically resizing windows, and recover data from a dead laptop.


Twelve Free Fonts Make Custom Valentines Easy

Aim Cupid's arrows to fine advantage with downloadable styles made for romancing each and every special someone in your personal entourage.

Why is OEM Software Cheaper?

Rommel asked the Windows forum why the OEM version of Windows 7 is cheaper than the upgrade version. Both were from the same retailer.


Battle of the Budgeting Tools: Manage Money Online and on the Go

Creating and following a budget will always require resolve and discipline, but a growing number of Websites promise all sorts of help.