Don't-Miss Software Stories

How to Get Free Music From the iTunes Music Store

Tired of paying for music? You can find a bunch of free songs hiding in plain sight in the iTunes Music Store.


Free Time-Saving Tools: Keyboard Shortcut Apps, Taskbar Pinner

Use Google Toolbar, PhraseExpress, or AutoHotkey to autofill often-used bits of text; Taskbar Items Pinner can pin folders, websites, and other goodies to your Windows 7 taskbar.

Jailbreaking 101: Which Tool to Use to Hack Your iDevice

So, you’re thinking of jailbreaking your iOS device, are you? Here’s a guide to picking the right tool for your iDevice.


Reader Feedback: Taskbar Tip, Gmail Management, Antivirus Help

Readers ask for help on managing Gmail messages and speeding up antivirus scans--plus offer a quick way to pin folders to the Windows taskbar.

Keep Your Wi-Fi Secure, Quick Windows Tips

Learn how to keep your wi-fi network safe from the neighbors, switch quickly between windows, and use a shortcut to get fast access to folders.

Tame Firefox, Control Gmail Downloads, Stream Windows Media Center Files to iPhone

Rick tackles his own hassles this week: Firefox opening on the wrong monitor, Gmail downloading thousands of emails, Windows Media Center streaming issues.

How to Photoshop People Out of Photos

We show you an easy method of removing unwanted people or objects from your photos, exclusively with Adobe Photoshop.


Download a Free Home-Inventory Spreadsheet

It's something every homeowner should have, yet few people take the time. This handy freebie saves you the hassle of creating one from scratch.

How to Sync Google Calendar with Outlook

A quick guide to syncing Google Calendar with Microsoft Outlook.

How to Connect Google Calendar to Your Cell Phone

We show you how to connect Google Calendar to your cell phone, so you can manage your schedule any time, any where.


Back Your Data Up the Easy Way

A few tips for easy and low-maintenance ways to backup your files.

What Do I Do With a Really Old File?

Rene found some old files on a CD. Windows doesn’t have a program associated with their extension. She asked the Utilities forum for advice.

Go Back to School in the Cloud

By using Web-based applications and storing your files online, you can work from anywhere, on any device, for next to nothing.