Don't-Miss Software Stories

Eliminate Duplicate Files with Free Utility

It's called Fast Duplicate File Finder, and it does exactly what it promises: locates and, if you wish, deletes duplicate files.

Get Classic Start Menu Pro for Free (Today Only)

Who says you can't get something for nothing? Today only, this $20 utility can be yours free of charge, no strings attached. (Well, there's one tiny one.)

Optimize Your PC, Security Apps 101, Find Folders Fast

CCleaner got a must-have update; a reader wants to know if two security apps are better than one; Windows 7's Recent Places feature can save you time.


Restore a Windows XP Backup in Windows 7

Out of the box, Windows 7 can't access backup files created with Windows XP. Fortunately, there's a free utility that should be able to restore your stuff.

The 25 Worst High-Tech Habits (and How to Fix Them)

You’re doing a lot of stuff that's messing up your tech hardware--and your personal and professional life along with it. Here’s how to do better.

Give Windows 7 (or XP) a Vista-Like Sidebar

If you miss the Sidebar like I do, you'll love the similar freeware alternative, Desktop Sidebar.

Check Your Spelling and Grammar with After the Deadline

Okay, so you're not a whiz with the English. Before you post another comment or send another e-mail, let this free tool smooth over the bumps in your communication.

Automatically Fill Out Web Forms in Firefox

Tired of typing the same information every time you buy something online or register for a Web site? Autofill Forms does it for you.

Revert From Windows Live Mail Back to Windows Mail

Not everybody loves Microsoft's successor to its built-in mail app--but the hard truth is that you're kind of stuck with it.

Stream Your Music and Video Anywhere You Go

ZumoCast makes it a snap to access your media library on other PCs and even your iPhone or iPad. And it's free!

Get a Better Battery Gauge for Your Laptop

Fab freebie BatteryBar is the single best thing to happen to laptops since Wi-Fi. It shows you everything you need to know about your battery.

Disable Your Laptop's Touchpad While You Type, Windows 7 Edition

If you're a Windows 7 user, here's a utility that should solve the maddening problem of accidental touchpad swipes. And it's free!

Keep Your PC Awake, Install Apps Fast, and More--for Free

Free apps and services keep your computer awake while it's idle, download and install apps all at once, and give you a real Facebook Dislike button.