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Marsha Naylor wants a way to access her old Outlook Express and Windows Mail messages in Windows 7

Migrate to Windows 7--Slowly, Part 4: Installing Your Apps

A killer service automates the process of downloading and installing popular software--and it's free!

Old Software on Floppies

Helmut Schwemmer wants to use very old software on a new PC

Do Uninstallers Uninstall?

A41202813 asked the Answer Line forum if programs' uninstallers leave junk behind

Use Google Picasa to Face-Tag Your Photos

Photo-management freebie Picasa just added a killer feature. Here's how to get started with it.

Where are the x64 Apps?

Phillip2167 can't find x64 apps, and asked the Answer Line forum about the problem

Add Real Folder Monitoring to iTunes 9

Whad'ya know! iTunes 9 CAN monitor folders for new music. Well, make that folder, singular. Hey, it's a start!

E-Mail Strategies: Attachments, Subject Lines

Improve your e-mail etiquette with tips for good subject lines, and try free tools that help you avoid file attachment gaffes.

Free Stuff for Your Phone

Get alerted to free iPhone apps, exchange electronic business cards, and score free iTunes tracks.


Tips for Windows 7, Word 2007, and More

Tweak Windows and Word settings to suit your needs, switch to full-screen view, and streamline Windows patches.


Hardware Tips: Find Lost Gear, Reduce Clutter, and More

SendMeHome helps reunite you with lost gear, a flush-mount USB hub cuts down on cable clutter, and VeryPC turns off your monitor for you.

Web Services: Twitter Topics, Screencasts, and Web Notes

These free online services let you scan local Twitter topics, make HD screencasts, and mark up Web pages.

Insert a Copyright From the Keyboard

BooBoo asked the Answer Line forum how to easily insert the copyright symbol (©)

Firmware and You: A Comprehensive Guide to Updating Your Hardware

Did you know that you can update your hardware without having to buy anything new? An easy-to-perform firmware update can add functionality, stability, and features.

When an Unwanted Program Lacks an Uninstaller

Sports03 has programs on his Start menu he doesn't want, but they have no uninstallers. He asked the Answer Line forum what to do.