Don't-Miss Software Stories

Super Software Secrets

From obscure options to esoteric shortcuts to arcane add-ons, here are 55 hidden gems that will help you master the programs you use every day.


Add Columns to Your Windows Mail Inbox

If your mail client isn't showing you all the information you want it to about each message, just tweak the column settings.

Is Open Source Safe?

The IT Department won’t let Daniel Toth use open source software, believing it’s a security risk. Is it?

Curb PC Annoyances: Windows 7, Office, and Monitor Tips

Here's what to do when Microsoft changes a file format, Office keeps asking you to accept the EULA, and Dell ships you a monitor with a seemingly random cable.


Problem-Solving Apps: Classic Start Menu, Search Commands, Double Diver

These downloads give you back the familiar XP Start menu, let you find Office commands quickly, and back up your drivers.


Organize Photos by Content

Tom Guthrie wants to organize his large photo collection by who, what, when, and where


Add Channel Logos to the Windows Media Center TV Guide

If you use Windows Media Center to watch and/or record TV, you'll definitely want this awesome add-on.

Reboot Between Installs

Norm Hunt wants to know, when he’s installing more than one program, if he should reboot between installs

File Type, Meet Application

Edward Tottle wants to change a file type’s default application

Move Your Old Email to Win7

Marsha Naylor wants a way to access her old Outlook Express and Windows Mail messages in Windows 7

Migrate to Windows 7--Slowly, Part 4: Installing Your Apps

A killer service automates the process of downloading and installing popular software--and it's free!

Old Software on Floppies

Helmut Schwemmer wants to use very old software on a new PC

Do Uninstallers Uninstall?

A41202813 asked the Answer Line forum if programs' uninstallers leave junk behind