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7 Backup Strategies for Your Data, Multimedia, and System Files

Nobody likes backing up, but one day, it’ll save your bacon. Here are the most efficient methods of protecting your stuff, no matter what your situation.

Replace a Laptop's Crashed Hard Drive

Don Homan's hard drive crashed. What should he do?

How to Resurrect a Crashed Hard Drive

Recover data using the freezer and Frisbee tricks and more.

More on Image Backups

Mike Bell asked the Answer Line forum what an image backup actually backs up; I offer more advice than he asked for

What Size External Drive?

Carperl asked the Answer Line forum what size external hard drive he should buy for backup

On Your Side: Trouble With an Incompatible Laptop Hard Drive

A reader's purchase of a solid-state drive from goes bad. Also: Samsung recalls three months' worth of Jitterbug cell phones.

Remove Sensitive Data Before You Sell an Old PC

Brian Ellis wants to know the best way to secure an old PC for a new owner

Should I Image the Hard Drive or Clone It?

Tom Luoma asked why I often recommend backing up your hard drive with imaging software, but never mention cloning software.

Digitize All of Your Old Media

Back up a lifetime of memories to digital media so they'll be able to withstand the test of time.


Improve PC Speed and Security

Use file management and deletion software to clean your hard drive, and child-friendly tools to protect your family's privacy.


57 Amazing Things You Didn't Know Your Tech Could Do!

We've worked long and hard to come up with the best tips and tricks for your PCs, smartphones, cameras, game controllers, music players, and the Web. Let's start with PC, laptop, and networking tips.

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I Think My Hard Drive is Dying

Repartitioning software told Bloodboughtme that his hard drive had "bad blocks." He asked the Answer Line forum for advise.