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Bobby installed a second internal drive for backup purposes, then he asked the Answer Line forum how come it doesn't show up in My Computer.

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Whether you need to replace your old hard drive or add a second drive to expand your storage, the right software tools will make it easy to put all your files where you want them.

Your Backup Resolutions: Five Strategies to Back Up Your Data, Now

We help you find the perspective and the technology to put yourself on the path to smoother backups.

Fast Fixes for Common PC Problems

Struggling with dead components, a recalcitrant Windows, and uncooperative applications? Our easy hardware repairs, simple software remedies, and quick tweaks will put your PC in the pink.


Reinstall and Restore Your Windows PC in Eight Easy Steps

Eliminate problems and improve performance by wiping out Windows and reinstalling it from scratch. Here's a simple guide to help you back up your data and restore your PC quickly.

What's the Safest Way to Resize a Partition?

Kevin Germino keeps programs and data on separate partitions, but he needs to adjust their sizes. Can he do this safely?

Add eSATA to Your PC

Kathy Anton wants access to faster, eSATA external hard drives. But her PC, like most of them, lacks an eSATA port.

What's the Best Way to Backup What I Need to Backup?

David Edelbaum wants to know the best techniques and programs for backing up his PC.

Upgrade Your Xbox 360's Hard Drive on the Cheap

Save $150 by upgrading your 20GB Xbox 360 hard drive to 120GB without buying Microsoft's overpriced add-on.

Add a Second Hard Drive to Your TiVo

Tired of having to erase old shows from your TiVo's puny hard drive? Hack your Tivo by slapping on a massive external drive.


5 Cool Hacks for Your Entertainment Gadgets

Add external storage to your TiVo, beef up your Xbox 360, rip DVDs to your media player, play your iTunes purchases on any device, and use your standard cable remote to skip commercials.


How I Upgraded My Laptop's Hard Drive and Almost Lost My Mind

In which a simple hardware upgrade allows me to channel my inner Laurel and Hardy.

How to Prevent a Data Disaster

If a natural disaster wipes out your hard drive, it will probably destroy your local backups, too. Here's a backup plan that will get you through even the worst-case scenario.