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Flash Drive 101: Recovering Lost Drives

These little gizmos are all too easy to lose. Take a minute to make sure whoever finds yours has an easy time it.


Flash Drive 101: Copying Files, Removing Viruses

Learn some basic flash-drive survival skills, like how to copy files to a USB drive and protect a drive from viruses.


Flash Drive 101: Protecting Your Drive from Viruses

Flash drives are carriers! Before you bring home something that could seriously infect your PC(s), clean your drive with a free and effective utility.

Can't Remove USB Drive

Lobtuf asked the Answer Line forum what to do when Windows insists he can’t safely remove a USB drive

What Size Flash Drive?

Zdrew wants to know how large a flash drive must be for maintenance programs

Memory Card Questions Answered

Readers asked about reformatting a camera's flash memory, how long a memory card should last, and more.


Banish Seven Bad Tech Habits

Seven ways to improve your computing life by changing the way you use your computer.

Taking Care of Your Camera's Memory Card

When and how to upload photos, delete your pictures, and maintain your memory card.


Cut in Line for Google Buzz

Can't wait for Google Buzz? Here's how you can check it out--even if you're not on the guest list.

USB Interferes with Boot

Richard Purdy's PC won't boot when he has a flash drive plugged into it

Backup and Delete

Dwight Schoffer wants to know the downside of backing his data to a flash drive, then deleting it from his hard drive

The Computer Maintenance Flash Drive

Andy Ludlum asked me to recommend portable diagnostic programs to keep on a flash drive.

Parlay Your Photos Into Holiday Cards and Calendars

Use image-editing software and Websites to turn your digital photos into handcrafted greeting cards and other holiday gifts.