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These little gizmos are all too easy to lose. Take a minute to make sure whoever finds yours has an easy time it.

How Do I Back Up My Data?

Follow these quick and simple instructions to protect your valuable files.

Find Cheap Storage at Gb4less

Looking for a new hard drive? Flash drive? Memory card? This site corrals some of the Web's best deals.

Recycling IT Assets Is Serious Business: How to Start

IT departments are learning to master the art of retiring hardware at the right time. Here's what to consider when recycling hardware your company no longer needs.

Choose the Right Tech Support for Your Business

Who do you call when hardware and software take a turn for the worse? Here's how to seek IT help when your cousin's cousin can no longer handle the job.

Five-year Plan: 8 Problems IT Must Solve

You can't march into the future dragging along unsolved old problems. Here's what you must do with servers, software licensing, and other pressing IT matters for the next 5 years.

5 Ways to Cut Your Storage Footprint

Trimming your data footprint cuts costs for hardware, software, power and data center space, and it eases the strain on networks and backup windows.

Moving Day: How to Protect Your Company During a Relocation

Moving dangers include theft and espionage, in addition to broken equipment and stubbed toes. Here's how to plan a company move that minimizes hassles and maximizes security.

How to Get Started With a Blade System

Is a blade server right for your small business? Here are the factors to consider if your company is looking at blade technology.

Make Money Selling Your Old Tech

Get paid to unload old gear instead of letting it languish in drawers and closets. Companies are willing to buy used electronics for reselling and recycling.

Save Serious Money With a Business Energy Audit

Whether for a business based at home or in an office highrise, plugging energy leaks can bring measurable savings.

How to Set Up a Virtualization Server

Virtualizing even a small infrastructure can ease administration and reduce costs. Here's what to look for in a host server, network interfaces, power supplies, and virtualization software.

The ABCs of SSDs

Whether you buy a new PC with a solid state drive already installed, or choose to upgrade your existing drive, zippy performance makes an SSD an appealing option.