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In this seven-part series called "Build a Great Media-Editing PC," we take you through the entire process of building your own powerful computer. In this video, we show you how to choose the parts for your new desktop.


Within Reach of Most IT Budgets, Storage Area Networks Pay Off

Storage area networks can help you optimize data storage, reducing costs and expansion hassles--and they can get the power of a big data center out of a single PC.

Just Over the Horizon, Private Clouds

With private clouds, companies may benefit from reduced costs, enhanced security, powerful data analysis, and custom business services.

Going Digital Saves Medical Practice Money, Improves Patient Care

How a digital overhaul freed up funds and streamlined communication for doctors' offices.

Recover Files From a NAS

Frederic Hugues asked about recovering missing files from an NAS drive

PCWorld's Peripheral Cable Guide

Too many PC peripherals and cables to keep straight? Here's how to identify each one.


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How a 150-person company revamped its mobile workforce with efficient virtualization services.

Saving Money, Space, and Energy With Blade Virtualization

How a Rhode Island law firm is doing more with less thanks to a virtualization makeover.

USB Interferes with Boot

Richard Purdy's PC won't boot when he has a flash drive plugged into it

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Moving an aging Windows 2000 server to a virtual machine keeps the company working smoothly while turbocharging the data center.