Don't-Miss Storage Stories

Paperless Office Solution Rescues Ambulance Service

Georgia-based IT pros create a streamlined document solution for first responders.

How to Switch to a Solid-State Drive

Several factors have a bearing on whether you should replace your hard-disk drive with a solid-state drive. We look at the key variables--and explain how to proceed if moving to SSD makes sense for you.

Increase Your Gmail and Picasa Storage for as Little as $5

Google's having a fire sale! Well, make that a storage sale. Now's your chance to get loads of extra space on the cheap.

Reletter a Drive

Windows turned drive F: into drive G:. Can it be changed back?

Six Ways to Botch Your Backups

Want to lose all your data and sink your business? Follow these six simple rules.

Virtualization Revs Up Small Business

How a new virtualization system turbocharged a Vancouver Volkswagen dealership.

Online Archive Service Digitizes Docs and More for Free

Fax DepositDox physical files, and it digitizes and stores them as searchable PDFs.

Mail Archive Tool Frees Server Space and Boosts Performance

ArchiveOne Express offloads medium- and small-sized business' email, creating endless inbox space and making server hardware last longer.

Multi-Function File Host Could Save You Money

Egnyte combines online backup, storage, and more, saving hassle and cost of running multiple solutions.

7 Backup Strategies for Your Data, Multimedia, and System Files

Nobody likes backing up, but one day, it’ll save your bacon. Here are the most efficient methods of protecting your stuff, no matter what your situation.

Access Server-Hosted Windows Applications Anywhere

Cloud-based, virtual applications can run PCs and smartphones, improving your connectivity, shifting costs from up-front to monthly, and streamlining software maintenance work.

Online Backups Save Up-Front Hardware Costs

Mozy charges monthly for licenses and storage space versus paying thousands up-front.

Save Money with Per-Minute Cloud-Computing Billing

CloudLayer per-minute billing can avoid waste if you only need cloud services on occasion.