Don't-Miss Windows 7 Stories

How to set up iCloud

Just got a new Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod, and want help setting up iCloud across all your devices? Here's the how-to for you.


How important is Aero?

Pete Wells' aging computer doesn't support Aero. Should he upgrade his graphics card?

How to dual-boot Windows 8 and Windows 7

It's easier than you might think to test-drive Microsoft's new OS alongside your existing version of Windows.

How long will Microsoft support Windows 7?

Robert Pepe asked when Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7. "Some say the end date is 2015, others say…2020. So what's the right answer?"

I've upgraded Windows, and now some of my hardware isn't working

Kennethjc17 upgraded his PC to Windows 7, then found that some of his hardware no longer worked. He turned to the Windows forum for help.

Solve the mystery of lost System Restore points

Are your restore points vanishing? There's at least one possible culprit, and it may surprise you.

Windows Explorer Explained: How to Show File Extensions

Although some Explorer views eliminate the need to reveal file extensions, the options is there if you want it.

Windows Explorer Explained: Easier File Selection

A little-known Windows setting makes it much easier to select multiple files for copying, moving, deleting, etc.

Windows Explorer Explained: The Address Bar

What is that kooky thing? How does it work? And why is it called the Address Bar when what it actually shows is folder locations?

Windows Explorer Explained: Changing the Layout

The Windows 7 version of Explorer is both better and worse than its predecessors. Learn how to tweak the layout to better suit the way you work.

Find the 'Missing' Hotfix Link in the December, 2010, Issue

Sorry for the confusion, readers of the print edition! Here's the link that was accidentally left out of the Hassle-Free PC column.

Restore a Windows XP Backup in Windows 7

Out of the box, Windows 7 can't access backup files created with Windows XP. Fortunately, there's a free utility that should be able to restore your stuff.

Make Your Screen Easier to Read

If you have a big monitor, everything about Windows might be a little small for comfort. Luckily, there's an easy way to "enlarge" the OS.