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Three quick ways to ease your transition to Windows 8

Or: "How to make Windows 8 look and act more like Windows 7."

How to enable Family Safety features in Windows 8

Microsoft has added some nifty new features to Windows' parental controls. Here's how to get your child's PC set up.

The best and easiest ways to search for programs and files in Windows 8

Randy G. finds Windows 8's search tools a bit confusing. I offer some suggestions.


How to restore Google Chrome's missing buttons in Windows 8

If you've installed Chrome in the new OS, you've probably noticed something missing: minimize, maximize, and close buttons.

How to uninstall apps in Windows 8

Once again, Microsoft has managed to add a level of frustration to what should be a simple task.

Poll: Is Windows 8 worth the hassle?

Some people love (or at least tolerate) the new OS, some hate it. Time to weigh in with your thoughts.

Three easy ways to find the Windows 8 Control Panel

If you're having a tough time finding this important feature in the new Windows, here are three super-easy options.

How to add Windows 8's best desktop features to Windows 7

Windows 8 isn't all about the live tiles and gesture control. The new OS is filled with nuts-and-bolts improvements, and you can get them all in Windows 7 with a little work.

Answer Line: How to better control Windows 8 slide shows

John McClung asked if there's a way to speed up and slow down slide shows in Windows 8's photo app.

How to banish Metro from your Windows 8 PC forever

Windows 8 is great—if you ditch its Live Tiles and silly swipe gestures. Here's how to do just that and get back to clean desktop living.

Windows 8: Put its hidden security features to work!

Lost among Windows 8's many controversies is a raft of useful security tools. Here's how to leverage them to the max.

Set up Windows 8 as a home server

Set up your PC as a home or small business server to save time, money and storage space while sharing your data across multiple PCs and mobile devices.

How to activate Windows 8's File History feature

This handy tool will automatically back up older versions of your files, much like Apple's Time Machine does for Macs.