Don't-Miss Windows Stories

PC Building Best Practices: Software

In the second part of our PC building best practices series, we outline a number of issues that can arise when you're configuring and installing software on a newly built PC.


How to Benchmark Your PC for Free

To thoroughly evaluate a PC's performance, you need to use multiple tools and utilities specifically designed to tax each major component. We show you which tools to use, describe how to get results that are reliable and repeatable, and explain what all those numbers mean.

One Windows 8 Hassle Solved: Media Center Will be Free (if You Upgrade)

Not only that, Microsoft is offering Windows 8 upgrades for just $39.99. Two steps in the right direction.

Windows Icons Suddenly Looking Generic? Here's the Fix

A corrupted icon cache can cause your icons to lose their normal appearance. A quick and easy batch file rebuilds the cache in a flash.

Recover Missing Files

ZyrrahXD asked the Utilities forum for advice on recovering missing files

What is That 'D' Drive for, Anyway?

Does your computer have a drive letter you can't explain? Here's one possible explanation.

I Can't Preview Office Files

Warren Smith can't preview Word or Excel files in Windows Explorer. He asked the Answer Line forum for help.

How to Banish Bloatware

Keep your PC running lean by switching to smaller, faster versions of popular programs.

How to Keep Your Employees Happy With Their Company PCs (Without Losing Control of Your IT)

Your staff will be more content if they can install their choice of software. Here’s how to give them that freedom while keeping control over your IT environment.

Tweaking Windows 7's Sleeping Habits

RisheekRajolu asked the Windows forum how best to make Windows 7 to go to sleep, and to hibernate, at the appropriate times

Another, Sometimes More Convenient Way to Copy and Move Files

Adama asked the Windows forum about copying and moving files via a dialog box rather than drag and drop

Add Windows Media Center to the Windows 8 Release Preview

Microsoft plans to charge for this add-on when Windows 8 goes final, but for now you can test-drive it free of charge.

How to Make Windows and Mac OS Play Nicely Together

All of the PCs in my house run Windows, but I carry a Macbook Air on the road. Here’s how you can integrate the disparate worlds of Microsoft and Apple.