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How to Decide When It's Time to Reformat and Reinstall Windows

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Fly through your daily tasks with these 37 proven productivity boosters.


How to Speed Up Your NAS With iSCSI

Want to access your network-attached storage drive a little faster? We explain how to configure and use an iSCSI target on a NAS server with Windows' built-in iSCSI initiator for fast access.

Should I Turn Off Automatic Updates?

Westpark asked the Windows forum if it's advisable to turn off Windows' automatic updates.

PC Tips: Use Sleep Mode to Save Money, Skip 'Safely Remove'

Learn why using Sleep Mode is a smart idea and why selecting Safely Remove before unplugging a USB drive isn't strictly necessary.

Recover Encrypted Files From An Old Hard Drive

Jeff Hudgins removed the hard drive from a dying computer, and via USB plugged it into a new PC. But he can't access his files. They're encrypted.

Like Windows Media Center? Don't Upgrade to Windows 8

Microsoft once again drops the ball on Windows Media Center and gives devoted users a kick in the teeth.

Safely Remove USB Drives Just by Unplugging Them

All evidence to the contrary, you don't have to bother with the 'Safely Remove Hardware' step. Here's how to make the necessary tweaks.

Who is the Administrator, What Does That Title Mean, and How Do I Gain That Type of Control Over My PC?

Tom Lorch isn't sure if Windows sees him as the administrator, or exactly what that means.

The Greatest PC Mysteries--Solved!

PCWorld's editors band together to solve the greatest PC mysteries! Find out why your PC beeps on startup, what a .dat file is, how USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 differ, and much more!

Add Dropbox, Google Drive, or SkyDrive to Windows' Send-To Menu

Looking for an easier way to add a file or folder to your favorite cloud-storage service? It's just a right-click away.