Don't-Miss Windows Stories

Can I Spread Wallpaper Across Multiple Monitors?

Roaddogg asked the Answer Line forum how to spread a single photo across two monitors as the desktop background (AKA the wallpaper)

What are All Those Different Document Formats in Word, and Why Would I Use Them?

Ever wonder why Microsoft Word lets you save documents in so many different formats? Here's a rundown of the ones that matter.

Windows 8: Two Operating Systems Barely on Speaking Terms

Ericuse165 asked people on the Windows forum what they thought of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. I offer my two cents.

Will I Be Able to Activate XP after 2014?

Snorg asked the Answer Line forum if Microsoft will activate new Windows XP installations after the company stops supporting the operating system

Uncover the Joys of the 'Paste Special' Command

Copying and pasting text can be a bit trickier in this Web age. Here's how to use Paste Special to strip unwanted codes and formatting.

Windows Tips: Copy a File Path, Show or Hide Extensions

Learn a great tip for uploading photos to Facebook or Pinterest; quickly show or hide file extensions in Windows.

How Do I Back Up?

I keep telling readers to back up their hard drives. Starlla Dupert asked me how.

Windows 8: Training Required

Windows 8 includes a more drastic graphical interface change than previous versions of Windows. Here are the top questions new users are likely to ask--and how to answer them.

How to Show or Hide File Extensions

Why would you want to do that? Hey, you've got your reasons. Fortunately, the process is a snap, especially in Windows 7.

Why Did the Taskbar Suddenly Move?

MLStrand56's taskbar suddenly moved to the left side of the screen. The Answer Line forum offered help.

My PC No Longer Hibernates

When Rusparadox tries to hibernate his PC, the screen goes black for a few seconds, then wakes up. He asked the Desktops forum for advice.

How to Copy a File Path to the Clipboard

And why would you want to do that? Simple: So it's easier to find that file when you want to upload it somewhere.

Put Linux on a USB Drive, Bypass Windows Updates

Here's how to create your own disaster-recovery boot drive with Linux, and how to force Windows to shut down installing updates.

How Do I See Who's Been Using My PC?

AzharIqbal asked the Other Hardware forum how to see who else is using his computer.

How to Reset Your Windows Password

Here's our guide to resetting your Windows password if you don't have access to a previously created password-reset disk.