Don't-Miss Windows Stories

Why is Taskhost Consuming So Much of My CPU?

Mashoreen asked the Answer Line forum why taskhost.exe--usually a small background application--was consuming 50-percent of his CPU.

Run DOS programs in Windows 7

Robert Wray wants to know if his old DOS programs will run in Windows 7

Editing the Windows 7 Start Menu in Windows Explorer

Gkuep1945 used to alter the Start menu from inside XP's Windows Explorer, and now asks the Answer Line forum how to do that in Windows 7

How to Use ScummVM to Play Classic Games

Old-school adventure games such as The Curse of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, and Full Throttle are hard to find--and even harder to play on modern computers. If you have a classic game you're itching to play, follow this simple guide to run it through the ScummVM emulator.

Fixes for Outlook General Failure Error, Unwanted Windows Reboots

Here's a potential fix for the dreaded Outlook General Failure error, plus how to keep Windows from automatically rebooting after an update.

Stop Windows from Rebooting After Automatic Updates, 2011 Edition

You'd think Windows would refrain from this kind of behavior, but, no, you have to tweak its automatic-update settings. Here's how.

Get Started Managing Multiple PCs with Windows Intune

Discover Microsoft’s new cloud-based service to remotely secure, monitor, manage, and assist PCs via the Internet. Check out the features and see how to get started.

Make Your Tech Life Easier: Load Apps and Docs at Startup, Chrome Tips

Here's how to set up Windows 7 and Vista to load specific applications and documents at startup, and how to troubleshoot Google Chrome's bookmark syncing.

How to Repair a Corrupt Windows 7 Installation

Windows 7 may be Microsoft's best desktop OS to date, but it's not immune to problems and corruption. We show you how to repair a misbehaving Windows 7 installation using the In-Place Upgrade option.

Automatically Load Programs and Documents When You Start Your PC

If you don't mind longer boot times, it's fairly easy to make Windows auto-load your favorite apps and/or documents.

Windows 8 on a USB Drive, Defragging Tips, Launch Apps Fast

Install Windows 8 the easy way, learn more about defragmenting your hard drive, launch Windows 7 programs quickly.

How to Put Windows 8 on a Flash Drive

Installing the preview version of the new OS is much easier when you do it from a bootable USB drive.

Speed Up Windows on What Should be a Fast PC

LiveBrianD asked the Windows forum for advise on improving performance on a slow PC

Why Is It Called "Windows?"

Spiderowych asked the Windows forum why Microsoft gave their operating system such a simple, one-word name

The Fast Way to Launch Programs in Windows 7

Who needs third-party launchers when Windows 7's Start menu lets you run any program with just a few keystrokes?