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Move an Old Hard Drive to a New PC

Trill asked the Hard Drives, NAS Drives, Storage forum about moving the hard drive from an old PC to a new one, then booting Windows XP

Can One Save Restore Points?

Robert Fiorini wants to know if there's a way to save System Restore points permanently.

How to Download and Install Windows 8 Into a Virtual Machine

Here's how to download and install the Windows 8 Developer Preview into a virtual machine on your PC.

How to Download and Install Windows 8 on a New Partition

Here's how to download and install the Windows 8 Developer Preview build onto a new partition in your hard drive.

Fine-Tune Windows AutoPlay, Restore System Tray Icons

Learn how to tweak Vista and Windows 7 AutoPlay settings, restore missing system tray icons in Windows 7.

How to Tweak Windows' AutoPlay Settings

Windows Vista and 7 give you a surprising amount of control over what happens when you insert various kinds of items, from DVDs to memory cards to iPods.


How to Speed Up Windows 7 Installs With Slipstreaming and USB

Performing a clean installation of Windows 7 and updating the OS afterward can take forever. Save time by integrating Service Pack 1 into the installer, and by using a USB flash drive.

Open Windows 7 Explorer to Your Favorite Location

Jim Pearson wants to change the default location for Windows 7's version of Windows Explorer, and have it default to opening C:\

Free Time-Saving Tools: Keyboard Shortcut Apps, Taskbar Pinner

Use Google Toolbar, PhraseExpress, or AutoHotkey to autofill often-used bits of text; Taskbar Items Pinner can pin folders, websites, and other goodies to your Windows 7 taskbar.

Change What Application Loads When You Select a File

The wrong program comes up when Nathan3 double-clicks a photo. He asked the Answer Line forum for advice.

How to Play Minesweeper Like a Pro

Everyone knows how to play Minesweeper, but not everyone knows how to play it well. Here's how you can shoot for the world records.

Create a Keyboard Shortcut to Insert Your E-Mail Address

Tired of typing your e-mail address every time you log in, register for a site, fill out a form, and so on? Here's how to automate address insertion.

Reader Feedback: Taskbar Tip, Gmail Management, Antivirus Help

Readers ask for help on managing Gmail messages and speeding up antivirus scans--plus offer a quick way to pin folders to the Windows taskbar.

Soothe Your Sore Eyes With F.lux’s Time-Sensitive Lighting

This cross-platform utility automatically adjusts your display lighting based on the time of day.