Don't-Miss Windows Stories

How to Play Minesweeper Like a Pro

Everyone knows how to play Minesweeper, but not everyone knows how to play it well. Here's how you can shoot for the world records.

Create a Keyboard Shortcut to Insert Your E-Mail Address

Tired of typing your e-mail address every time you log in, register for a site, fill out a form, and so on? Here's how to automate address insertion.

Reader Feedback: Taskbar Tip, Gmail Management, Antivirus Help

Readers ask for help on managing Gmail messages and speeding up antivirus scans--plus offer a quick way to pin folders to the Windows taskbar.

Soothe Your Sore Eyes With F.lux’s Time-Sensitive Lighting

This cross-platform utility automatically adjusts your display lighting based on the time of day.

Pin Folders to the Windows 7 Taskbar

They said it couldn't be done. Actually, I said it--but I was wrong. Here's a simple hack that lets you pin folders to your heart's content.

Hibernate After Sleep

Set your computer to automatically power down, then, sometime later, power down all the way

Windows Tips and Tricks: Master the Taskbar and Start menu

The taskbar and Start menu are so much more than simple program launchers. Help them help you work more efficiently in Windows 7.

Keep Your Wi-Fi Secure, Quick Windows Tips

Learn how to keep your wi-fi network safe from the neighbors, switch quickly between windows, and use a shortcut to get fast access to folders.

A Better Way to Switch Between Open Windows

If you're still reaching for the mouse every time you want to change windows, there's a much faster keyboard shortcut--and not the one you think.

The Best of Both Worlds: An SSD and a HDD

Patrick Couzens asked about using both an SSD and an HDD in the same computer

Create a Keyboard Shortcut for Your Favorite Folder

Windows doesn't let you pin folders to the Taskbar, but you can set up keyboard shortcuts that'll open them just as lickety-split.

Cleaning Malware: Slave Drive or Bootable CD?

Kent asked the Antivirus & Security Software for the safest way to scan and clean an infected PC's hard drive

Tame Firefox, Control Gmail Downloads, Stream Windows Media Center Files to iPhone

Rick tackles his own hassles this week: Firefox opening on the wrong monitor, Gmail downloading thousands of emails, Windows Media Center streaming issues.