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The mobile-enabled enterprise: Are we there yet?

The potential is considerable, but plenty of challenges remain

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Health IT vendors slammed for hampering the exchange of patient data

The problem could worsen as technology use in health care grows

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Catching up to other African nations, Zambia plans mobile infrastructure initiative

There's little doubt than in many African countries, people depend on mobile phones for Internet access.

apple watch launch 2

Convenience, apps draw people to check out the Apple Watch launch

Crowds swarmed online to order Apple's first smartwatch, creating an order backlog that stretches to June for some models.

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Digital rights groups protest US ruling to block digital transmissions

A patent infringement ruling at the USITC could lead to orders requiring ISPs to block access to websites, critics say

intel wire free pc

Fancy a wire-free laptop? Intel just showed one

Intel's prototype can be wirelessly charged and connected to peripherals. Others like it could be launched in 2016, or even later this year.

apple watch slide

Does your wrist itch for an Apple Watch? Go to eBay, but it'll cost you

Marked up Apple Watch models are already available on the e-marketplace, with April and May delivery dates.

windows 10 for phones 1 100568066 large

Microsoft says it will kill Internet Explorer for phones as it rolls out new Windows 10 build

Microsoft has released Build 10051 of the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones, adding the Project Spartan browser, plus new or updated Mail, Calendar, Maps, Phone, and Messaging apps.

gtav first person

This week in games: GTA V for PC technical details, an Age of Empire II expansion, and more

Plus GTA V takes up seven whole DVDs and there's a new Need for Speed movie in the works. This is gaming news for the week of April 6.


Dell loads Ubuntu Linux onto its best thin-and-light laptop

The XPS 13 Developer Edition comes in four configurations, and is a smidgeon cheaper than its Windows counterpart.

kindle android app

Amazon's Kindle for Android adds popular highlights, book instructions, and more perks

The Word Wise feature steps up your vocabulary by giving hints to more challenging words found in your book.

Walgreen's 3D

Google to open up sales more broadly for Project Tango tablets

It's also slashing the price in half, though it will still set you back $512 to get the space-and-motion aware tablet.


BitTorrent's audacious P2P-powered Project Maelstrom browser enters public beta

BitTorrent's Project Maelstrom browser is ready for its public debut. The torrent-retrieving browser enters public beta on Friday.