Don't-Miss Antivirus software Stories

Targeted Attacks Against Aerospace Industry Use Sykipot Malware

New email-based attacks, some of which target the aerospace industry, are distributing new variants of the Sykipot information stealing malware, according to researchers from security firm AlienVault.

Security Researchers Link Second Malware Program to Rogue Printing Incidents

A computer worm that propagates by exploiting a 2010 Windows vulnerability is responsible for some of the recent incidents involving network printers suddenly...

Feds Crack Down on Data Brokers

Last month, for the first time ever, the Federal Trade Commission stepped in and spanked a data broker, in this case it was Spokeo, to the tune of an $800,000 fine for selling personal information to employers and job recruiters without taking steps to protect consumers under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Widely Used Web Attack Toolkit Exploits Unpatched MSXML Flaw

An exploit for an unpatched vulnerability in the Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML) has been incorporated into Blackhole, one of the most widely used Web attack...

Mobile Devices Are the New 'Wild West'

Mobile devices have gigabytes of data and access to sensitive information just like PCs, but most people are failing to properly secure them.

Mac Backdoor Used in Attacks Against Uighur Activists

A new Mac OS X backdoor is being distributed as part of email-based attacks against Uighur activists, according to security researchers from antivirus firm...

Web Attackers Borrow Domain Generation Tricks From Botnet-type Malware

Hackers have started to adopt domain-generation techniques normally used by botnet-type malware in order to prolong the life of Web-based attacks.

Do Automatic OS X Security Updates Signal a Sea Change at Apple?

Experts say the move is positive, but it's unclear if Apple has changed its often criticized stance on security.

Researchers Devise Practical Key Recovery Attack Against Smart Cards, Security Tokens

A team of cryptographic researchers claim to have developed an attack method that can be used to recover secret keys in an acceptable time frame from...

Bitdefender Releases 2013 Line of Antivirus Products

Bitdefender's 2013 antivirus software comes with several new features designed to help block new types of malware.

Cybercriminals Increasingly Use Online Banking Fraud Automation Techniques

Cybercriminals attempted to steal at least US$75 million from high-balance business and consumer bank accounts by using sophisticated fraud automation techniques...

Apple Steals From Windows Update Playbook for Mountain Lion OS X

Apple will boost the frequency of security updates in OS X Mountain Lion and automatically install required patches for users.


Twitter Outage: Glitch, Not Hack

Twitter is to blame for a temporary outage, not a hactivist group that claimed it took down the site in a distributed denial-of-service attack.