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'Flame' Cyber-Weapon Lurked for Years

The Flame malware was apparently infecting computers for as long as four years, but was detectable by antivirus software, an analysis suggests.

Ransomware Scam Accuses People of Viewing Child Porn, Tells Them to Pay Up

The Internet Crime Complaint Center is warning people about a new Citadel malware platform used to deliver ransomware, named Reveton.

Flashback Malware was Wake-Up Call for Apple

A security firm says Apple's lack of support for older Macintosh operating systems leaves Mac users vulnerable to cyber security attacks such as the recent Flashback.

Report: Obama Ordered Stuxnet Attacks on Iran

UPDATE: U.S. President Barack Obama ordered the Stuxnet cyberattacks on Iran in an effort to slow the country's development of a nuclear program, according to a report.

Flame's Bluetooth Functionality Could Help Spies Extract Data Locally, Researchers Say

The Bluetooth functionality of the Flame cyberespionage malware could potentially be used to pinpoint the physical location of infected devices and allow local...

Browser Feature Can Be Abused to Misrepresent Download Origin, Researcher Says

Legitimate browser functionality can be abused to trick users into believing that a trusted website has asked them to download a file, which is actually being...

Copies of Anti-censorship Software Used in Iran and Syria Contain Keylogger

Rogue copies of Green Simurgh, an Internet proxy software application used in Iran and Syria, have been found to contain malware that records users' activities...

Nearly a Fifth of U.S. PCs Have No Antivirus Protection, McAfee Finds

A McAfee study of PCs around the world found that 17 percent had no antivirus protection, and the U.S. outpaced the average with 19 percent of PCs unprotected.

Attacks on Iranian Oil Industry Led to Flame Malware Find

The sophisticated cyber espionage malware known as "Flame" was discovered after computers within Iran's energy industry were wiped clean of data, a security expert said Tuesday.

'Flame': Lethal Cyberweapon or Media Hype?

'Flame' is a sophisticated malware attack, but one vendor takes issue with the hyperbole over the threat and calls it "2007 era technology."

5 Common E-Mail Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The volume of global electronic messages sent via e-mail dwarfs all other forms of electronic communication, and keeping tabs is a daunting -- and essential -- task.

Researchers Identify Stuxnet-like Cyberespionage Malware Called 'Flame'

A new, highly sophisticated malware threat that was predominantly used in cyberespionage attacks against targets in the Middle East has been identified.

Fill Your Mobile Security Toolbox

Malware isn't the only threat to your smartphone. These handy utilities will block snoops and control rogue apps on your Android handset or iPhone.