Don't-Miss Antivirus software Stories

Bug Bounty Hunters Reveal Eight Vulnerabilities in Google Services

Security researchers unveiled eight vulnerabilities in Google services during the Hack in the Box conference in Amsterdam on Thursday -- but they claim to have...

Bredolab Botnet Author Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison in Armenia

The creator of the Bredolab malware received a four-year prison sentence in Armenia on Monday for using his botnet to launch DDoS (distributed denial-of-service)...

Banking Malware Monitors Victims by Hijacking Webcams and Microphones, Researchers Say

A new variant of SpyEye malware allows cybercriminals to monitor potential bank fraud victims by hijacking their webcams and microphones, according to security...

Cross-browser Worm Spreads via Facebook, Security Experts Warn

Malware writers have used Crossrider, a cross-browser extension development framework, to build a click-fraud worm that spreads on Facebook, security researchers...

Flashback Malware Didn't Glean Big Bucks

The Mac-based Flashback botnet scam wasn't as profitable as its hacker originators expected, Symantec says.

Windows 8 Security: What's New

Windows 8 is a major OS overhaul, but some of the most important additions might be the ones you can't see. Here's a look at Windows 8's new security tools and features.

Cyber Spies Exploit Java and Flash Flaws

Such activity is often paid for, or sanctioned by, government agencies.

Protect All Your Devices

Malware is everywhere, and just one unprotected device can leave your whole world exposed. Kaspersky ONE secures your Windows computer, Mac, Android tablet, and smartphone with a single license so you can shop, surf and socialize online with confidence.

Wikipedia Warns Users About Malware Injecting Ads Into Its Pages

Rogue browser extensions might inject commercial ads into Wikipedia pages, Wikimedia Foundation said

Amnesty International's UK Website Compromised to Infect Visitors With Cyberspying Malware

The U.K. website of Amnesty International, a human rights watchdog organization, was compromised by hackers, who used it to infect visitors with a remote access...

APT Attackers Are Increasingly Using Booby-trapped RTF Documents, Experts Say

Booby-trapped RTF documents are one of the most common types of malicious Microsoft Office files that are used to infect computers with advanced persistent...

Police-themed Ransomware Starts Targeting US and Canadian Users

A ransomware application that locks computers and asks their owners to pay fines for allegedly violating several laws through their online activity is targeting...

Financial Malware Tricks Users With Claims of Free Credit Card Fraud Insurance

"Tatanga" attempts to fool online banking users into authorizing rogue money transfers.