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'Smishing' Attacks Are on the Rise

What do you get when you combine SMS text messaging with a phishing attack? Smishing. Beware--smishing attacks and text message spam are on the rise.

The 10 Worst Web Application-logic Flaws That Hackers Love to Abuse

Hackers are always hunting to find business-logic flaws, especially on the Web.

NotCompatible Android Trojan: What You Need to Know

The Android malware could let hackers use your phone as an intermediary access point, or proxy, to break into private computer networks.


Microsoft Opens New York Research Lab, Hires Mainly Yahoo Researchers

Microsoft is opening Thursday a research lab in New York city that aims to benefit from interaction with the academic and tech communities in the metropolitan...

Keep Your Computer Safe—Without Losing Speed—With VIPRE Internet Security 2012

Keep Your Computer Safe—Without Losing Speed—With VIPRE Internet Security 2012

Down but Not Out: Conficker Camouflages New Windows Infections

Windows PCs infected with Conficker are more likely to be compromised by other malware because the worm masks those secondary infections and makes those machines easier to exploit.

Avast Offers Free Security for Mac OS X

Mac OS X has caught the attention of malicious developers, and the threat is just going to increase. The free Avast for Mac security software can protect your Mac system against malware.

Most of the Internet's Top 200,000 HTTPS Websites Are Insecure, Trustworthy Internet Movement Says

Ninety percent of the Internet's top 200,000 HTTPS-enabled websites are vulnerable to known types of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) attack, according to a report...

Nuke the Box: Push Underway to Clean up 300,000 PCs With DNS Virus

PR campaign underway to clean up computers infected with DNSChanger viruses that divert victims' traffic to sites that can further exploit the machines.

Who is Threatening the Security of Your Network?

The most common sources of cyberthreats.

Macs More Likely to Carry Windows Malware Than Mac Malware, Study Finds

One in five Mac computers is likely to carry Windows malware, but only one in 36 is likely to be infected with malware specifically designed for the Mac OS X...

India Overtakes U.S. as the World's Top Email Spam Source

The volume of email spam that originated from India during the first three months of 2012 exceeded the volume coming from the U.S. and transformed the Asian...

10 Commandments of Windows Security

With the introduction of Windows 7, many PC and notebook users may feel more secure than they did using older versions of the Microsoft operating system.