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The Best Free Software, Mobile Apps, and Web Services, 2012 Edition

59 terrific tools for getting your work done, finding great deals, planning a trip, keeping yourself entertained, and more.


The Best Free Stuff of 2012: Alphabetical List

Here's the complete list of all 59 programs, mobile apps, and Web services in our 17th annual roundup of the best free stuff available online.


FBI Steps Up 'Internet Doomsday' Awareness Malware Campaign

FBI says infected users must deal with DNSChanger malware or risk losing Internet in July.

Flashback Still Plagues Macs

The botnet continues to spread and infect huge numbers of Macs, despite security firms' efforts to fight the malware.

Flashback Malware Continues to Plague Macs

Contrary to claims that Flashback has drastically declined, the number of compromised Mac systems may in fact still be growing.

Twitter Spam Campaign Infects Users With Fake Antivirus Programs

The rogue tweets contained messages such as 'online virus check,' 'proven anti-virus,' 'excellent anti-virus.'

Android Malware Writers Exploit Instagram Craze to Distribute SMS Trojan Horse

In an attempt to take advantage of the popularity of free photo-sharing app Instagram among smartphone users, malware writers have created fake Instagram...

Apple, Oracle, Google Lead Major Vendors with Software Vulnerabilities in Q1, Security Report Says

Security firm Trend Micro says Apple topped its list of companies hit with vulnerabilities followed by Oracle, and Google.

Flashback Malware Still Affects 140,000 Macs

Symantec thought it would have seen a greater decline in infections at this point in time.

Hackers Ramping up Attacks Against Tibetan Activists

Hackers are ramping up their attacks against Tibetan activists and are using increasingly sophisticated techniques to deliver malware, according to researchers...

Apple Offers Standalone Flashback Removal Tool

Fear your Mac has the Flashback malware installed, but you aren't running Java? You'll want to grab Apple's standalone removal tool.

Flashback Malware Removal Cleverly Reduces Risks for Macs

Apple is dealing with the harsh reality that Mac OS X has become a target for malware attacks, and it's responding with an innovative approach that others should emulate.

Upcoming Firefox Click-to-play Feature Will Stop Automated Plug-in Exploits

Mozilla developers are working on a new Firefox feature that will block the automated display of plug-in-based content like Flash videos, Java applets or PDF...