Don't-Miss Antivirus software Stories

Computer Viruses Could Cross Frontier Into Biological Realm, Researchers Say

Computer hackers could create malicious software that crosses the line from technology to biology, crafting viruses that could spread dangerous epidemics.

Java-based Web Attack Installs Hard-to-detect Malware in RAM

A hard-to-detect piece of malware that doesn't create files on infected systems was dropped onto the computers of visitors to popular news sites in Russia.

Patch Now: Microsoft RDP Exploit Code Is in the Wild

Patching the RDP flaws from security bulletin MS12-020 was already considered critical, but now exploit code has been discovered online and the race is on to patch before a worm is developed.

Microsoft Blames Security Info-sharing Program for Attack Code Leak

The proof-of-concept exploit now circulating among hackers does not allow remote code execution -- necessary to compromise a system with malware -- but instead crashes a vulnerable machine.

Leaked Exploit Prompts Researcher to Publish Blueprint for Critical RDP Vulnerability

UPDATE: Security patch urged after release of proof-of-concept exploit accompanies a a working exploit, possibly from Microsoft.

Android Phones Will Keep Getting Exploited, Researchers Say

Android is still the most attractive smartphone OS for malevolent hackers, so devices based on the platform will continue to get compromised, researchers said at...

Pinterest Is Fertile Ground for Online Scams

Pinterest has burst onto the social networking scene and caught everyone's attention--including the online scammers. Learn how to avoid Pinterest scams.

Google Restores Interoperability With AOL AIM

Google and AOL have restored the interoperability between their two instant messaging (IM) networks, a little over two weeks after it was temporarily suspended...

Two Domain Name Registrars Behind Most Rogue Pharma Sites, Says Study

Research done by LegitScript, a company that maintains a database with legitimate online pharmacies, suggests that two domain name registrars are responsible for...

March Windows Patches includes One Critical Bug

One of the six updates patch bugs that Microsoft confirms could be exploited by attackers to compromise PCs and plant malware on victimized machines.

Researchers Can't Identify Programming Language Used in Duqu, Ask for Help

Malware experts from Kaspersky Lab have asked the programming community for help identifying the programming language, compiler or framework that was used to...

Iranian Nuclear Program Used as Lure in Flash-based Targeted Attacks

A new targeted email attack is exploiting interest in the Iranian nuclear program to trick people into opening booby-trapped Word documents that exploit a known...

Malware and Spam Volume Down, Complexity on the Rise: Symantec

The level of technical innovation and social engineering, as well as the targeting of business executives, are some of the new security trends that Symantec is warning people to be vigilant against.

Kaspersky to Protect Virtual Machines Running on VMware

Kaspersky Lab has launched Security for Virtualization, designed to centralize the protection of virtual machines running on VMware, the company said on Tuesday...

Which Android Security Tools Are Worth Your Time?

Not all mobile security software is created equal. Which mobile security apps do what they say on the box?