Don't-Miss Antivirus software Stories

Malware and Spam Volume Down, Complexity on the Rise: Symantec

The level of technical innovation and social engineering, as well as the targeting of business executives, are some of the new security trends that Symantec is warning people to be vigilant against.

Kaspersky to Protect Virtual Machines Running on VMware

Kaspersky Lab has launched Security for Virtualization, designed to centralize the protection of virtual machines running on VMware, the company said on Tuesday...

Which Android Security Tools Are Worth Your Time?

Not all mobile security software is created equal. Which mobile security apps do what they say on the box?

Vodafone Protects Smartphone Communications With 'Secure SIM'

Vodafone has developed a new SIM card that can be used on smartphones to provide secure access to data networks and tap-proof telephone calls as well as email...

6 Security Trends to Watch For

The recent RSA security conference in San Francisco can be a great place to learn about the latest security threats. Here are some of the threats and trends to watch for.

Hackers Elect Futurama’s Bender to the Washington DC School Board

University of Michigan researchers hack the Washington DC electronic voting system, and elect Bender, the drunk robot from Futurama, as school board president.


How to Catch an Internet Cyber Thief

They're out there, say security researchers, who are trying to catch them.

Malware Increasingly Uses DNS as Command and Control Channel to Avoid Detection, Experts Say

The number of malware threats that receive instructions from attackers through DNS is expected to increase, and most companies are not currently scanning for...

Malware Authors Expand Use of Domain Generation Algorithms to Evade Detection

Malware authors are increasingly adopting flexible domain generation algorithms (DGAs) in order to evade detection and prevent their botnets from being shut down...

McAfee Unveils New Mobile Security Tools

McAfee has added a number of new features and introduced new versions of its tools to protect and secure your mobile devices.

New Mac Malware Exploits Java Bugs, Steals Passwords

A new version of a well-known family of Mac malware exploits vulnerabilities in Java to steal usernames and passwords for online payment, banking, and credit card websites.

Flashback.G Trojan Targets Macs

Increasingly, virus-writers are aiming at Mac users, such as the Flashback Java Trojan variant hitting systems running OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Malware Surpasses 75 Million Unique Pests in a Year

Security vendor McAfee predicted unique malware samples would hit 75 million in 2011, but the real number was worse -- and guess which platform is most vulnerable?