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Cybercriminals Take Advantage of Android Flash Player Gap on Google Play

Fake Android Flash Player installers hide malware and adware, security researchers say.

California Assembly OKs Bill Banning Warrantless Smartphone Tracking

The assembly vote approved legislation to prohibit state law enforcement personnel from obtaining location data from an individual's GPS-enabled mobile devices without a warrant.

Kill Timer Found in Shamoon Malware Suggests Possible Connection to Saudi Aramco Attack

A timer found in the Shamoon cyber-sabotage malware discovered last week matches the exact time and date when a hacktivist group claims to have disabled...

ICS-CERT Warns of SSL Security Flaw in RuggedCom Industrial Networking Devices

Industrial Ethernet switches and other devices produced by industrial networking equipment manufacturer RuggedCom contain a vulnerability that could be exploited...

Crisis Malware Infects VMware Virtual Machines, Researchers Say

The Windows version of Crisis, a piece of malware discovered in July, is capable of infecting VMware virtual machine images, Windows Mobile devices and removable...

German Man Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison for Online Swindling

A 23-year-old German man was sentenced to seven years in prison for an online swindle with fake Web shops that caused €1.1 million (US$1.36 million) in damages...

McAfee Antivirus Update Causes Problems for Home and Enterprise Customers

A buggy update released Friday by security vendor McAfee for its consumer and enterprise antivirus products, left the computers of its customers unprotected and...

Technology's Dark Side: Devious Devices Designed to Harm You

From ATM skimmers that steal your money to hackable insulin pumps, technology does have a dark side. And the various forms of sneaky tech can have frightening consequences.


Antivirus Suites Struggle to Block Exploit-based Attacks

Many antivirus suites still can't completely protect against malware attacks against two recent and serious Microsoft vulnerabilities, researchers find.

Shamoon Malware Threatens to Wipe Your Drive

The malicious code -- also called Disttrack -- may be part of a directed attack at energy companies, but could take down other systems in its wake.

Spamhaus Declares Grum Botnet Dead, but Festi Surges

A relatively new botnet has taken up the slack left by the shutdown in July of another major spamming botnet called Grum, according to the junk mail fighting...

Has Android Malware Tripled in Recent Months? Not So Fast

Did 14,900 new malicious programs appear in the second quarter, or just 40? It all depends whom you ask.

Google Adds Another Postini Email Feature to Google Apps

Google Apps will soon gain an email routing and filtering feature from Google's Postini suite of email security services, part of an effort to eventually...