Don't-Miss Antivirus software Stories

Free Gauss Detection Tools Offered

Two security organizations have released online tools that let Windows users check for possible infections by the surveillance malware Gauss.

Gauss Cyber Espionage Threat Targets Banking Info

A new malware threat has been discovered that seems to have the same state-sponsored roots as Stuxnet, Duqu, and Flame.

Shylock Malware Injects Rogue Phone Numbers in Online Banking Websites

New configurations of the Shylock financial malware inject attacker-controlled phone numbers into the contact pages of online banking websites, according to...

Hackers Increasingly Target Small Businesses, Symantec Warns

Attacks on small businesses have doubled this year, primarily on companies in the defense industry.

Criminals Target Companies With Rogue Emails From Payroll Services Providers

Criminals are sending malicious emails that purport to come from payroll services firms in order to infect with malware the computers of payroll administrators...

Privacy Watch: Back Up Safely With SpiderOak

The SpiderOak secure online backup service protects you by encrypting your data with keys that only you know.

Dropbox Gets a Black Eye in Spam Attack

Efforts to mature into a more enterprise-ready service take a hit.

Project Monitors Price of Stolen Credit Card Data in Real Time

A new security project is monitoring in real time the price of stolen credit-card data sold in underground forums.

White House Pushes for Stalled Cybersecurity Bill

It's urgent for the U.S. Senate to pass a cybersecurity bill now stalled because of opposition from several lawmakers, White House officials say.

Google Cracks Down on Misleading, Intrusive Apps in Play Store

Android apps that provide what Google deems a "poor user experience" will be banned.

FTC Wants to Expand Coverage of Children's Privacy Rule

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission wants to enlarge the list of entities that must get parental permission when they collect and use personal information on websites targeted at children.


Dropbox Spam Attack Blamed on Employee Account Breach

A stolen password was used to access the employee's account, which contained a document with user e-mail addresses, Dropbox said.

Mobile Malware Cases Nearly Triple in First Half of 2012, Says NetQin

Mobile malware is rising fast, infecting nearly 13 million phones in the world during this year's first half, up 177 percent from the same period a year ago...