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Cure Sick Windows PCs with This New Linux 'Fix-on-a-Stick'

Armed with a Windows app and a custom version of Linux, these USB devices are designed to restore infected or bloated Windows PCs back to health.

Help Jumpstart Jumpshot's Vision for Malware-Free PCs Everywhere

What was born of mutual misery, needs $25,000 on Kickstarter, and wants to make the world a better place for PCs everywhere? Jumpshot, that's what.


Security Researchers Find Multistage Android Malware on Google Play

Security researchers from antivirus vendor Symantec identified two malware apps on Google Play that used a multistage payload delivery system in order to remain...

Facebook Launches Malware Checkpoints for Users with Infected Computers

Users will be able to choose to scan their computers with McAfee Scan and Repair, a run-once anti-malware scanner, or with Microsoft Security Essentials.

Java-based Web Attack Installs Backdoors on Windows, Linux, Mac Computers

A new Web-based social engineering attack that relies on malicious Java applets attempts to install backdoors on Windows, Linux and Mac computers, according to...

10 Crazy IT Security Tricks That Actually Work

IT security threats are constantly evolving. It's time for IT security pros to get ingenious.

DNSChanger Doomsday Threat Fizzled--Just as It Should Have

You might see the whole DNSChanger ordeal as overblown. On the other hand, the information campaign worked.

Cyberoam Fixes SSL Snooping Hole in Network Security Appliances

Network security hardware manufacturer Cyberoam issued an over-the-air (OTA) update for its unified threat management (UTM) appliances in order to force the...

Google, Apple Remove Malware Application From Official App Stores

Google and Apple removed a mobile app named "Find and Call" from their respective app stores on Thursday following reports that it was stealing people's phone...

There Is No Excuse for Still Being Infected with DNSChanger

People have had months of warnings and a plethora of free utilities that take five seconds to verify if their PC has DNSChanger. If they lose access to the Web on Monday, they deserve it.

300,000 Infected Computers to Go Offline Monday

As many as 300,000 PCs and Macs will drop off the Internet in about 65 hours unless their owners heed last-minute calls to scrub their machines of malware.

TechHive: Social Network Privacy Settings Compared

Facebook, Google+, and Twitter all have settings that let you tweak what others can see on your profile--but navigating them can be a bit of a mess. Here's a guide.

Intel/McAfee: What's the Future of Security?

McAfee's co-President discusses the merger of chip manufacturing and security software.