Don't-Miss App Stories

softcard tappy

Softcard's mobile payments app is shutting down in March after tech sale to Google

The carrier-backed payment initiative will be no more on March 31, ceding the field to Samsung and Google.

Android on Chromebook

Google is ditching Chrome support for Ice Cream Sandwich devices

If you're still on Android 4.0, it may be time to start looking for a new phone.

contacts preivew 4.5

The new Contacts Preview drags Google's address book out of the Netscape era

You can finally eliminate all of those annoying duplicate entries in one fell swoop.

google play services

Google Play Services 7.0 brings better multiplayer gaming and location tools to Android

Some tweaks may also lead to better battery life inside your favorite apps.

istock 000045783776large

Five free mobile apps every IT professional needs

Embracing the shift to apps can help your IT team stay up to date with any issue.

Your next Android phone may come with Waze preinstalled

Offering Waze as a default installation gives Google an easy way to gain wide exposure for its social traffic application.

keyboard for excel

Microsoft's Excel-friendly Android virtual keyboard packs a 10 digit number pad

This single-use keyboard puts a 10-key area on the right side of the keyboard, simplifying the process of entering in a long list of numbers.

google calendar material design

Google Calendar for Android adds 7-day week view, Drive integration, and other tweaks

You can also finally turn off the birthday notifications from Google+.

prezi for android

Popular presentation app Prezi finally launches on Android

It's been a long wait, but you can finally view and present from your phone or tablet.

Optimize Your Tablet For Movies on The Go

Your tablet is a portable portal for watching movies anywhere you want. Here's how to get the most out of every one of them.

twitter android screenshot

Twitter finally brings its 'While you were away' feature to Android

The timeline tweak catches you up on tweets that you missed while stepping away from the social media firehose.


Waffle House teams with Roadie app to sling parcels (and a side of hash)

The breakfast chain aims to disrupt more than just your stomach as it partners with the “Uber of package delivery.”


Google buying Softcard tech, partnering with carriers to boost Wallet service

Google Wallet will now come preloaded on phones running KitKat on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

google color search results page

Google tinkering with more colorful, card-based mobile search results

The prospective new layout is easier on the eyes, though it brings fewer results to the page.

google now phone

New Google Now card shows gas stations along your route

The card may pop up next time you're driving, offering the most convenient spots for you to gas up.