Don't-Miss App Stories

windows store surface tablet

Microsoft is having a ridiculous 10-cent sale on movies, music, games, and apps

Attention Windows 10 users: Microsoft is offering massive deals on over 1000 items in the Windows Store through November 29th.


Uber’s Business Profiles make it easier to expense a ride

Uber's new Business Profiles let users pay with a separate credit card and generate expense reports.

google play icon

Google Play will soon warn you when apps have ads

If you're wondering whether that free app you've had your eye on has ads, you'll soon be able to tell at a glance.

google app new logo

Google previews new app streaming capability directly from its search app

It may not be long before you can try out an app directly from Google search.

google photos

Free up storage space with new Google Photos features

New options let you delete the offline version of backed-up images and downgrade the quality from photos saved to your cloud.

pushbullet pro

Pushbullet introduces 'Pro' plan, with some free features going behind the paywall

If you've come to rely on all that Pushbullet can do, it's time to pony up for a monthly or annual subscription.

google search

Google search bolsters its ability to understand more complex questions

Your queries to Google search can now use more complex phrases, superlatives, and time-specific references.

Siegfried Rasthofer Steven Arzt Black Hat Europe 2015

Millions of sensitive records exposed by mobile apps leaking back-end credentials

Thousands of mobile applications use cloud-based, back-end services in an insecure way, allowing anyone to access millions of sensitive records created by users, according to a recent study.

spotify concert songkick mobile

Spotify launches personalized concert recommendations

Thanks to a partnership with Songkick, Spotify listeners will now know whenever their favorite bands are coming to town.

youtube red

YouTube Music mobile apps launch, with offline listening and no ads for subscribers

The app is available for all, but has particular perks for subscribers to YouTube Red, Google's $10 per month video and music package.

facebook notify primary

Hands-on with Facebook Notify, a news app without the app

Facebook Notify is either brilliantly efficient or your worst nightmare.


Pit your Movember 'stache against the world on Microsoft's

Microsoft Garage is back with another machine learning project. This time the company wants to rank the quality of your facial hair.

Lyft car

On-demand app companies propose new model for worker benefits

Companies offering services through apps, venture capitalists and worker advocates are proposing a new model for worker benefits that will be "portable" across the number of jobs they do in the new on-demand economy.

iphone photos friends smartphone

Facebook will soon scan your smartphone to find photos of your friends

New Facebook feature, 'Photo Magic,' will scan your camera roll and prompt you to share photos it finds of your friends.

google maps android

Google Maps adds offline turn-by-turn directions, search

Google Maps is improving offline functionality by bringing it much closer to Maps' connected mode.