Don't-Miss App Stories

google maps material design

Google Maps 9.1 for Android now displays local weather, time, and tips about your destination

The update brings snippets of details about that hotel you booked or the new restaurant you want to check out.

uber driver

Uber will rethink its privacy policies after public backlash

The company is working with a DC law firm to assess its policies.

swiftkey layouts

SwiftKey for Android update speeds up performance, adds 12 languages

The keyboard should launch, disappear, and switch between fields up to 50 percent faster.

Flywheel stakes its claim as the ‘anti-Uber’ as it plans to expand

The cab-hailing app is well-known in San Francisco, but now it’s gearing up for a wider rollout as Uber battles poor public perception.

istock 000045783776large

Five free mobile apps every IT professional needs

Embracing the shift to apps can help your IT team stay up to date with any issue.

facebook groups logo

Hands-on with Facebook Groups, a spin-off app you’ll actually want to use

Facebook’s roster of experimental apps has been hit-or-miss, but Groups is a must-use for fans of old-school Facebook.

google fit developer challenge

Google lures developers to its Fit platform with contest, free swag

The best new and updated Fit-friendly apps earn wearable gear for the devs and prime placement in the Play Store.

WhatsApp on iOS

WhatsApp now using end-to-end encryption in its Android app

It's the largest messaging service to roll out this type of security option.


Google wields veto power over Android TV app submissions

It’s pre-testing and approving all apps and games, which will hopefully mean none of them turn out as bug-ridden as Assassin’s Creed: Unity.

Optimize Your Tablet For Movies on The Go

Your tablet is a portable portal for watching movies anywhere you want. Here's how to get the most out of every one of them.

chrome logo

Chrome 39 brings colored status bars for easier multitasking

Chrome tabs now pop out as individualized cards on Android devices running Lollipop.

humble bundle

Humble Bundle pulling its app from Play Store, teasing better buying options

The company may start selling content directly inside the app, which isn’t allowed under Google Play Store rules.

google keyboard 4.0

Google Keyboard 4.0 sports new, Material Design-inspired look

The newest update to Google Keyboard adds two themes and some needed customization tweaks.

android wear offline music beauty 2

Leaked screenshots hint at Material Design makeover for Android Wear app

It's also getting some new features, like checking bug reports and taking a watch screenshot.

android quick start guide

Google publishes free Android Lollipop how-to guide in Play Store

It outlines Google's new messaging app along with snippets on Android Auto and Android TV.