Don't-Miss App Stories


Hangouts adds smarter location sharing, phone number search, and zany stickers

The app is also now a darker shade of green, better matching Google's Material Design.

kindle android app

Kindle app update adds X-ray, push notifications, better audiobook controls

New flashcard sets and a better library system add some study prowess to the king of ebook apps.

vlc android app

VLC's Android media player app finally exits beta and hits the Play Store

Chromecast support is supposed to be in the works, but it didn't make the cut into this version. mobile app delivers almost ad-free, a la carte music streaming on the go

It may sound too good to be true, but startup says their music aggregation service for Apple iOS can pull in the best of what other paid services have to offer.

wordlens translate

Google Translate to decipher words in images, better recognize speech, says report

This could be the ultimate travel tool, letting you translate signs and directions instantaneously.

bing torque watch

Torque, a Bing voice-powered search app for Android Wear, now works on smartphones

Microsoft is making a big push on Android, also adding weather updates to its Next lock screen.

play music youtube

YouTube Android app gets much-needed Material Design makeover

The update brings advanced search filters and easier-to-find custom channels.

google play store app

Play Store app update adds new tab for easier account management

Version 5.1.11 switches up the navigation drawer and throws in some minor design tweaks.

google news app dark theme

Google adds slick-looking dark theme to its News and Weather app

You can now search for news topics inside the app and swipe through multiple, more detailed weather graphs.

android device assist primary

Google launches Device Assist app for Nexus, Google Play Edition devices

The app alerts you to any potential issues, offers Lollipop tips, and puts you in touch with Play Store support.

google play games icon

Google Play Games update shows Google's still got a bit of housecleaning to do

Material Design may be alive and well on Lollipop, but several Google Apps are still seeing minor updates every other week.

google santa tracker

Google Santa Tracker returns with gaming, puzzles, and learn-to-code goodies

Use your Android Wear watch, Chromecast phone or tablet to follow Santa's jouney.

firefox android

Firefox for Android adds Chromecast support, newly polished theme

It gets a cleaner look and other tweaks, though Firefox has yet to make the switch to Yahoo search.