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google maps android

Google Maps adds offline turn-by-turn directions, search

Google Maps is improving offline functionality by bringing it much closer to Maps' connected mode.

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This Chrome extension banishes Twitter's new hearts and brings back the stars

Just can't accept Twitter's decision to dump favorites and stars for hearts and likes? This Chrome extension can help you return to the glory days of Twitter.

windowsstorecrisis primary

Microsoft adds new tools for reporting spammy Windows Store reviews

New tools allow developers to report questionable user reviews as Microsoft continues work toward improving the Windows Store.


How a mobile app company found Apple's XcodeGhost in the machine

A mobile app developer had a tough time figuring out why Apple was rejecting its app until it found the XcodeGhost malware hidden in an unlikely place.

operations control centre at kim chuan depot61316

Artificial intelligence will attempt to persuade thousands of people via smartphone app

Researchers in Singapore began a two-year trial this week of a smartphone app that attempts to use artificial intelligence to influence the real world decisions of users.

Google Keep for iOS

Google Keep for iOS gets closer to Evernote with ease-of-use features

Google's Keep app for iOS got a bit more competitive with other apps like Evernote thanks to new features the company added Thursday.

mileiq pc and phone

Why Microsoft bought maker of MileIQ Android-iOS app: For the data, as much as the app

Microsoft buys Mobile Data Labs, the developer of top iOS mileage tracking app MileIQ. The goal may not be a Windows app, but data collection.

Hivemapper, a flight guide for drone pilots

Hivemapper takes the video signal from your drone and superimposes onto it details of buildings and points of interest nearby. And if you get too close to those buildings, it also serves up a warning that you might be about to hit them.

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Want to try Microsoft's Cortana on iPhone? Fill out this questionnaire

Cortana for iPhone will soon be up for a beta test.

1 google inbox

Google Inbox's new Smart Replies uses machine learning to speed up email responses

A new feature Google announced Tuesday lets people get through a whole bunch of email using machine-learning-powered smart replies.

google whos down

'Who's Down?' is Google's new app for meeting up with your friends

The free, invitation-only app for iOS and Android may make it easier to meet up with your friends IRL.

amazon appstore primary

Amazon Appstore giving away more than $70 worth of paid apps and games

As long as you're willing to tie yourself to the Amazon Appstore for future app updates, a ton of cool titles are on the house.

google keep android

Google adds drawing tools to Keep, issues updates for other Android apps

Google gave a handful of its productivity apps a boost, with updates for Docs, Sheets, Keep, and Slides for Android.

google play games icon

Record and share your mobile gaming adventures with Google Play Games update

With the latest update, you can rather easily record a gaming session and upload it to YouTube.

Facebook sharing on iOS

Facebook is revamping the way people share app content on the iPhone

Facebook announced a new sharing experience for iOS users on Wednesday that is supposed to make it clearer to users what they're sharing to the social network, and how that will look when displayed on the News Feed.

google photos label

Hide pictures of your ex thanks to Google Photos for Android update

You can finally nix someone from Google's automatic grouping capability.