Don't-Miss Business Software Stories

slack voice call reactions

Slack could host your next conference call

Get ready to start fielding voice calls in Slack. The company announced Tuesday that all users of its popular chat app will be able to ring their teammates with a couple of clicks.

microsoft gigjam preview

Microsoft's fascinating GigJam service is open to anyone who wants an invite

Anyone can get into the private beta of MIcrosoft's new GigJam productivity service, which is aimed at helping teams of people collaborate in real time over the Internet, the company announced Thursday.

sad windows phone

Windows phones' free-fall may force Microsoft to push harder on Windows 10 adoption

Microsoft chief Satya Nadella says he doesn't care what device you buy, as long as it runs Windows 10. But if Wall Street doesn't buy it, look out.

polaris office primary

Polaris Office offers business version with team folder, management features

Polaris Office takes the next step in its office suite evolution with a version tailored to businesses.

microsoft hololens mark hachman build 2016

HoloLens uncensored: A candid hands-on with HoloLens Development Edition

Forget about curated HoloLens experiences at Microsoft's Build conference. Here's a deep dive into how the HoloLens Development Edition performs when no one's watching.

microsoft graph

Microsoft's Graph wants to turn user data into business intelligence it can sell

Microsoft Graph aggregates everything that you give it permission to and provides that context to apps, including those written by Microsoft as well as third parties.

thinkstockphotos 100038821

Microsoft's Excel team talks Visual Basic vs. JavaScript and Mac woes in Reddit AMA

Microsoft's Excel team takes to Reddit to answer questions and reassure users that yes, you can open up more than one Excel window at the same time.

skype share button

Microsoft tries social media again with Skype sharing and Sway blogging

Microsoft's social media track record is abysmal, but these subtler takes could ease users into using Skype and Sway as social tools.

QuickBooks Online payroll screen

Intuit updates QuickBooks to help small businesses manage inventory and more

QuickBooks is getting new integrations and functionality to help retail and other capital intensive businesses do better.