Don't-Miss Business Software Stories

Microsoft lures nonprofits with Office 365 freebie

Nonprofit organizations will be able to sign up for Office 365 for free or at a reduced price as part of a new program Microsoft launched on Tuesday.

Workday rolls out Big Data Analytics module

Workday has unveiled a new software module for its cloud-based HCM (human capital management) application that allows customers to analyze data from both Workday and third-party sources.

SAP focuses on stability, data source support with Business Objects update

SAP has unveiled a new version of its Business Objects BI (business intelligence) software suite that features support for more than 140 data sources and the promise of more stable deployments.

Hands-on: Parallels Access runs your Mac apps on your iPad

Parallels is best known for letting you run Windows on your Mac. Now, with Parallels Access, it's entering the more crowded niche letting you run your Mac's apps remotely from your iPad. Here's our first look.


COBOL-based system for $160 billion pension fund is a political football

A 25-year-old software system that supports a New York state pension fund is causing some controversy.

Oracle unveils HTML5-based mobile BI app designer

Oracle is latching onto the self-service BI (business intelligence) trend with a new tool for creating HTML5-based mobile applications.

google glass

Investment firm Fidelity designs a Google Glass app

The research arm of financial services firm Fidelity Investments has begun work developing the first Google Glass app targeted specifically at investors and traders.


Bitcoin upgrade aims for smoother e-commerce

There's a broad belief that bitcoin might just be the virtual currency that takes off in a big way. To do that, it will need to become a lot easier to use.

Sorry, libertarians: Bitcoins are currency and can be regulated under U.S. law, says judge

If Bitcoins are the currency of choice for a computerized Wild West, the sheriff in town is trying to impose some order.

Oracle switches up software pricing for Exalytics appliance

Oracle has introduced a new software package for its Exalytics high-performance analytics appliance that in some cases, will be mandatory.

Office Mobile for Android

Microsoft releases Office Mobile for Android phones (tablets need not apply)

Microsoft rounds out its Office Mobile suite by releasing a version for Android devices. But, if you were hoping to put Office on your Nexus 7 Android tablet, you're out of luck for now.

microsoft office 365

Microsoft deal offers free Xbox LIVE Gold sub for Office 365, with numerous caveats

A new Microsoft deal offers a free year's subscription to Microsoft's Xbox LIVE Gold service. Read the fine print on this one.

SAP posts growth but lowers outlook in main software business

SAP reported revenue growth in the second quarter driven by growth in cloud subscriptions and revenue from support and its HANA in-memory database.