Don't-Miss Storage & Networking Stories

Zenoss Boards the Programmable Data-center Bus

Responding to the trend of streamlining data-center management, Zenoss has added to its network monitoring software support for a popular open-source messaging...

Violin to Bring Deduplication, Replication, Other Tools to All-flash Storage Arrays

Violin Memory plans to add deduplication, thin provisioning, snapshots and other features in a software update for its all-flash storage arrays, in a bid to...

10 Questions for Fiberlink CFO Mark Partin

Name: Mark Partin

4 Updates from Mars

NASA's Curiosity Rover is undergoing a very remote software upgrade on Mars, but it's still sending postcards.

Future Olympics May Feature Holograms

Holograms of events could be projected from one stadium to another at the 2024 Olympic Games, a report suggests.

Linksys Routers Get Smart (Except for 'Easy Setup')

Shaw reviews Cisco's Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router EA4500.

Cybersecurity Call From Energy Department Involves Power Companies

In exchange for information about sensitive information, such as identifying network vulnerabilities or attacks, the government will share this benchmarking data that's given to it anonymously with any other utility that participates in the information-sharing.

How to Harness the Power of Consumerization

So you've said yes to the use of personal tech. How do you make it work for and in your business?

Facebook 'Like' Prompts Lawsuit, Free Speech Debate

The ACLU and Facebook both weigh in on case of deputy sheriff who says he was fired over politics.

Cisco Readying a New Nexus Switch

The Nexus 3500 will reportedly feature 250 nanosecond port-to-port latency and integrated network address translation.

Microsoft Doesn't Play Well With Android Mobile

One of the hot new features of Microsofts upgraded and renamed email service -- that devices without Office loaded onto them can open Office attachments in the cloud via a browser wont work with Android mobile devices.

What to Expect at Oracle OpenWorld

With Oracle now in a self-imposed "quiet period" prior to its next quarterly earnings release, it's not likely the company will make any major announcements...

NASA Upgrades Mars Curiosity Software ... From 350 Million Miles Away

Picture doing a remote software upgrade. Now picture doing it when the machine you're upgrading is a robotic rover sitting 350 million miles away, on the surface of the planet Mars.

Livedrive Releases Chromebook App for Cloud Storage

Cloud storage provider Livedrive introduced an app for Google's Chromebook on Thursday that is designed to give Livedrive customers access to their files stored...

Federal Watchdog Calls on FCC to Reassess Mobile Phone Radiation Issues

The Government Accountability Office today said the FCC should reassess and possibly change its regulations regarding mobile phone radiation.