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Statewide DMV Outage Hits Thousands in California

Two independent networking problems took computers offline at Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices across California on Tuesday, causing problems for...

Startup Skyera Says It Can Beat Hard-disk Storage Prices With Flash Array

Skyera, a Silicon Valley startup, says it can make high-speed flash storage for enterprises cheaper than hard disks by using the low-grade chip technology found...

8 IT Lessons Learned From the 2012 Summer Olympics

The 2012 London Olympics weren't just about athletic prowess. This year's games saw more data leave Olympic Park and move around the world than ever before.

Six Future Uses for NFC: More than Just Mobile Payments

NFC has been lauded as the technology that will take mobile payments mainstream. But the truth is NFC is good for so much more. Here's a look at a handful of innovative ways NFC will be used in the future by businesses, marketers, governments and consumers.

SkyDrive Web App Gets a Makeover, Android App Coming

SkyDrive gets better with a redesign of its Web interface and the promised release of an Android app.

Microsoft Revamps Skydrive Cloud Storage Service

Microsoft has given a makeover to its SkyDrive cloud storage service, including a new Web interface, as well as improvements to its desktop applications and...

HP Aims Three-part Effort at Network Virtualization

Hewlett-Packard is readying three new software capabilities that are designed to help enterprises pool their computing and storage resources across a network.

Zenoss Boards the Programmable Data-center Bus

Responding to the trend of streamlining data-center management, Zenoss has added to its network monitoring software support for a popular open-source messaging...

Violin to Bring Deduplication, Replication, Other Tools to All-flash Storage Arrays

Violin Memory plans to add deduplication, thin provisioning, snapshots and other features in a software update for its all-flash storage arrays, in a bid to...

10 Questions for Fiberlink CFO Mark Partin

Name: Mark Partin

4 Updates from Mars

NASA's Curiosity Rover is undergoing a very remote software upgrade on Mars, but it's still sending postcards.

Future Olympics May Feature Holograms

Holograms of events could be projected from one stadium to another at the 2024 Olympic Games, a report suggests.

Linksys Routers Get Smart (Except for 'Easy Setup')

Shaw reviews Cisco's Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router EA4500.