Don't-Miss Business Stories

Preview version of Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials comes with new nag feature

Microsoft's preview 'reminds' small-to-medium businesses to also use its Office 365, Intune, and Azure software.

Hewlett-Packard touts viability, courts customers in China

HP CEO Meg Whitman stressed her company's future viability as HP tried to win Chinese business customers at an event in Beijing.

Dell pushes harder on encryption, anti-malware defenses

Dell today said it's ready with new anti-malware defense and encryption offerings for businesses using its PCs, laptops and Android-based mobile devices.

Battle over mobile payments centers on small shops in big countries

While mobile payments transform financial life in many less developed countries, retailers and payment providers in the U.S. and Europe are still trying to find the right incentives to drive adoption.

Why social networks draw scams (and how to avoid them)

The popularity and influence of social media continues to increase at lightning speed, and that makes them fertile ground for scams and hoaxes. Here's how to recognize, avoid, and prevent them.

Financial Times CIO manages media shifts inside and out

From the hot metal press to desktop publishing and broadcasting via radio or television, the media has always been driven by technology. Here's how the 125-year-old Financial Times is adapting.

windows blue 8.1

Windows 8.1 is ready for business, Gartner declares

Gartner is giving the thumbs up to Windows 8.1, crediting the operating system refresh with overcoming the major downsides of Windows 8.

Rambus, STMicroelectronics settle lawsuits, sign patent agreement

Much of Rambus' past is associated with lawsuits, but the company is moving forward with dispute settlements.

cloud security

Businesses urged to take control of public cloud security

Security monitoring can be done in some public cloud environments, according to Gartner; and if you're using public cloud services, it may be time to think about doing it.

Microsoft's anti-botnet tactics draw fire from security crews

Some security criticize the tactic of modifying a person's computer without permission, even if the intention is good.

internet data

IBM speeds up DB2 10.5, remolds it as a Hadoop killer

In the new update of DB2, released Friday, IBM has added a set of acceleration technologies, collectively code-named BLU, that promise to make the venerable database management system (DBMS) better suited for running large in-memory data analysis jobs.


Obama directs agencies to move toward sharing spectrum

U.S. President Barack Obama has directed federal agencies to take new steps toward sharing their wireless spectrum with commercial operators, in an effort to meet growing demands for mobile data services.

cloud security

NSA surveillance hikes interest in non-US cloud providers

European cloud providers think the U.S. spy scandal will result in more enterprises choosing local alternatives over the likes of Amazon Web Services and Rackspace, which, on the other hand, are adamant that they aren't taking part in programs such as Prism.