Don't-Miss Camcorder Stories

Samsung's new compact cameras have Wi-Fi by default

If you buy a Samsung point-and-shoot camera from here on in, it's likely to have built-in Wi-Fi capabilities.


Next-gen camera trends just came into focus

Bigger sensors, wireless sharing, and downloadable apps are among the big camera innovations we've seen in the past few months.


TechHive: Three-Minute Tech--4K Resolution

In our Three-Minute Tech series, we tell you everything you really need to know about a technology in three minutes or less.

Sony's New 'Stacked' Image Sensors Enable Smaller Devices, More Pixels

The Tokyo-based electronics maker produces the camera units used in hit devices like the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S3.


Sony Unveils Waterproof, High-Definition Pocket Camcorder

The HDR-GW77V Handycam can withstand water depths up to16 feet, and is dust proof and shockproof, Sony says.


Givit Offers FlipShare Users a Helping Hand

Givit, a private video sharing service, will provide support for FlipShare, the exclusive Flip camera sharing network.


First Look at the Dropcam HD

Our review unit of this Wi-Fi camera had fuzzy video playback in our hands-on tests, but Dropcam promises that the final version of its Dropcam HD will not have these problems.

Sony Bloggie Live Lets You Live-Stream Video Over Wi-Fi

A new pocket camcorder from Sony takes Wi-Fi sharing into the realm of live broadcasting, as it streams video from the device to the Web in real-time.


Sony Unveils New Floating-Lens Stabilization and Projector-Camcorders

Among Sony's 13 new Handycam camcorders, three feature an innovative optical stabilization system, five offer built-in projectors, and nine offer in-camera GPS.


Samsung Bets Big on Wi-Fi Cameras in Las Vegas

Samsung has unveiled three new cameras and a camcorder with built-in wireless options for uploading media to the Web and sharing content with mobile devices.


Smartphones on Rampage: Next, Camcorders

After killing point-and-shoot cameras and GPS units, smartphones take aim to slaughter camcorders.


One Last Kodak Moment? Kodak Intros Wi-Fi and Hybrid Cameras

Faced with an uncertain future, Kodak announces a Wi-Fi-enabled point-and-shoot camera and a pocketable still/video device at CES 2012.


CES Preview: Mobile Technology Will Dominate Everything

Lots of tablets and apps will be on display at the gigantic CES show in Las Vegas next week. But we'll also see older technologies that are trying to behave more like mobile devices.