Don't-Miss Camcorder Stories

Hands-on With the Kodak Zi6

The small digital camera found in pockets and purses across the globe may soon have a companion--the pocket digital camcorder.


Sanyo Xacti HD1010

Sanyo's Xacti VPC-HD1010 is a high-definition camcorder that's much smaller than your typical HD model, making it ideal for...


September's Coolest Gadgets

Roundup of new products that are pushing the limits of technology in cameras, laptops, TVs and more.


Sony Unveils Two High-def Camcorders

Sony has unveiled a couple of DV-tape based high-def camcorders that will be going on sale in the next couple of months.


Xacti E2 Camcorder Records Underwater

Sanyo on Wednesday introduced its Xacti E2 digital camcorder. The camcorder records video onto a flash media card and can work...


JVC Everio GZ-HD5

JVC's Everio GZ-HD5 is a digital camcorder that uses three charge-coupled devices (CCDs) to record high-definition video to...


Canon Rolls out Three New HD Camcorders

Canon has introduced three new High Definition (HD) camcorder models. The Vixia HF11 Dual Flash Memory Camcorder, Vixia HG21...


Review: Flip Mino

Pure Digital's latest half-pint-sized camcorder gives you a way to document moments with a dedicated mobile device.


12 Must-Have Gadgets for Digital Nomads

If you do your work on the run or in coffee shops, here are some devices that can make your life easier.

Review: Canon Vixia HF10

As Macworld Lab has detailed in our reports on camcorder testing, we've encountered compatibility problems with a number of...


Review: Sony HDR-SR11 Handycam

This well-designed, easy to use, tapeless HD camcorder offers a number of storage options.


Video Surveillance Made Easy With a PC

Hands-on with new Webcams that provide video surveillance for your home or office--at a fraction of the cost of a professional security service.


June's Coolest Gadgets

Every year it happens: as the summer approaches in northeast Asia and the weather heats up, the gadgets get hotter too.