Don't-Miss Camera Stories

Multi-monitor tracking system keeps you focused, makes sure you don’t miss anything

Diff Displays is a multi-display system that "knows" when you're looking at one of your multiple monitors.


samsung galaxy s4

Samsung appoints co-CEOs

Samsung Electronics has promoted the heads of its mobile and consumer electronics businesses to share leadership along with the existing boss who oversees components, as the company looks to strengthen the independence of its massive internal divisions.


howard stringer sony

Sony chairman, ex-CEO Stringer to leave amid restructuring

Sony chairman and former CEO Howard Stringer, who has been at the company since 1997, will be leaving the company in June.


Raspberry Pi's makers want you to compete for a pre-production camera module

Raspberry Pi announces a hackers competition for 10 early versions of its $25 camera add-on.


Canon 35mm CMOS sensor

Canon develops CMOS sensor that captures video in low light

Camera manufacturer Canon has developed a large sensor chip for shooting full-frame video in extremely dim conditions.



Instagram fans await Polaroid Socialmatic Camera in 2014

You’ll be able to buy a Polaroid-branded instant digital camera that will let you shoot photos, apply Instagram filters, share them on Facebook and Instagram, and print your snapshot on Polaroid-style paper.


Toshiba demos 'Lytro chip,' converts phones to light-field cameras

The modules, which could be in phones next year, can accurately calculate depth and change focus points after photos are shot.


Samsung promises more affordable Galaxy Camera with just Wi-Fi

If you've been interested in Samsung's Galaxy Camera, but don't want to deal with a monthly data plan, Samsung is promising offer a Wi-Fi alternative.


New super-duper smartphone cameras likely won't help HTC and Nokia, analysts say

HTC and Nokia are separately expected to announce super-high-quality cameras in new smartphones expected to be unveiled the next week.


Russian dashboard cameras reveal stunning video of explosive meteor

As jumbled news reports of what appeared to be a meteor shower over Russia trickled out of the country, some of the best views of what happened were from the dashboards of Russian cars.


Raspberry Pi's $25 camera add-on inches closer, may come next month

Raspberry Pi might be getting a $25 five-megapixel camera add-on next month.


New camera war brewing in the smartphone market

As HTC and Nokia prepare to go head-to-head with new cameras on upcoming smartphones, they hope to steal market share from Apple and Samsung Electronics.


Panasonic improves color capture by digital cameras

Panasonic has developed a new way to drastically increase the color and light sensitivity of digital cameras including those used in smartphones.


Nikon's new long-zoom and rugged cameras add Wi-Fi

Connected cameras are a growing trend, and Nikon is adding Wi-Fi features to a number of new Coolpix models announced today.


Canon boosts the zoom in its latest PowerShot Wi-Fi camera

Canon's latest Wi-Fi camera is the 10X-optical-zoom PowerShot Elph 330 HS, which connects to Facebook and mobile devices.