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tsmc in tainan science park

Strong Taiwan quake appears to have little effect on chip industry

An earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale struck close to a major chip manufacturing hub in Tainan, Taiwan on Saturday morning local time. Some damage was reported to TSMC, a major chip manufacturer.

firepro s7150 frontview rgb 5inch

Turn a barebones PC into a graphics powerhouse with AMD's new FirePro server GPUs

A barebones PC could turn into a multimedia or virtual reality powerhouse with new FirePro server graphics processors introduced by AMD.

amd radeon nano

AMD revenue falls 22 percent as normally dependable console chips falter

AMD reports yet another loss as both the PC market and a slower console market contributed to its red ink.

21040956406 c8c655312b o

Microsoft certifies new PCs with Windows 7 to ease enterprises onto Windows 10

Microsoft is making it easier for enterprises to adopt Windows 10, offering a special category of new PCs that will run Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 on top of modern hardware until the companies are ready to upgrade.

evga z170 classified k

EVGA motherboard BIOS update lets you overclock non-overclockable Skylake CPUs

EVGA recently introduced a BIOS update for Z170 motherboards that allows for overclocking of non-K series Skylake chips.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich

Intel is rebuilding itself on three pillars—and the PC isn't one of them

Intel may have been founded on the PC, but company executives didn't bother mentioning it when discussing the future of the company during an earnings call.

150108 stanford battery 1

This lithium-ion battery of the future won't overheat

Researchers at Stanford University have developed a lithium-ion battery that shuts down as it begins to overheat, potentially meaning the types of catastrophic fires seen in hoverboards, laptops and airliners could become a thing of the past.

amd lisa su CES

AMD's Lisa Su explains how AMD will survive and yes, even thrive in 2016

AMD chief executive Lisa Su sits down to reporters to explain AMD's keys to 2016 success: new products, manufacturing processes, and more. But can it keep itself afloat?

This liquid cooling rig keeps crazy-fast Intel SSDs from getting too hot

SSDs are getting ridiculously fast—and rather toasty.

Brian Krzanich Intel

Intel embraces Internet of Things, puts sensors on everything

Intel announced a boatload of partnerships during its CES keynote, with plans to embed its Curie processor and sensor technology into as many products as possible.

Qualcomm snapdragon 820Am

Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 820 for cars, while phones wait for the chip

Qualcomm announces the Snapdragon 820Am, a derivative of the Snapdragon 820, but designed for cars.

mam 240046 391378 de

Consumer tech should be cheaper by July, when import tariffs end

The World Trade Organization hopes to cut the cost of IT and consumer electronics products and boost trade in them with the abolition of tariffs on imports including game consoles, TVs, GPS receivers and advanced chips together worth US$1.3 trillion annually from July 2016.

In front of the European Commission's Charlemagne building (2)

EU hits Qualcomm with antitrust charge, says it plotted rival's demise

Qualcomm may have sold its chipsets below cost then illegally paid a customer to use the chips in order to force competitor Icera out of business, according to two sets of antitrust charges filed Tuesday by the European Commission.


Intel Skylake CPUs reportedly bending under pressure from third-party coolers

Be careful moving your desktop packed with that fancy new Skylake processor, it just might break.

chip wafer

DARPA eyes faster design of military chips

The U.S. military's research division has kicked off a project to accelerate its design of custom chips, so the latest semiconductor technologies can be used more quickly in defense applications.