Don't-Miss Component Stories

Stretchable, flexible 3D-printed liquid metal wires could be the key to custom circuit boards

NC State researchers develop a way to 3D print objects out of liquid metal and create custom circuit boards.


MIT, Vienna university develop 'optical transistors'

Researchers at an Austrian university have managed to tune the polarization of light, possibly creating a road to developing optical computers. Separately, MIT researchers have attacked the problem from a different angle.

DRAM inventor honored with prestigious Japanese award

A U.S. researcher at IBM who invented the basic building block of the modern DRAM has been honored with a prestigious Japanese award and a $500,000 prize.

Rambus, STMicroelectronics settle lawsuits, sign patent agreement

Much of Rambus' past is associated with lawsuits, but the company is moving forward with dispute settlements.

Scientist out to break Amdahl's law

Many attempts have been made over the last 46 years to rewrite Amdahl's law, a theory that focuses on performance relative to parallel and serial computing. One scientist hopes to prove that Amdahl's law can be surpassed, and that it doesn't apply in certain parallel computing models.

Panasonic develops super-sensitive, organic image sensor

Panasonic and Fujifilm say they have developed a new image sensor using organic materials that is far more sensitive than anything currently on the market.



Rambus settles patent infringement suit with SK Hynix

Rambus has signed a $240 million patent licensing agreement with SK Hynix, ending a nearly 13-year patent dispute between the two companies over memory-chip technology.

DigiX is an inexpensive, powerful Arduino-compatible board with onboard Wi-Fi

Supporting all existing Arduino Due libraries and even shields, but coming with onboard Wi-Fi and nearly 100 i/o pins, the DigiX makes me wonder why you’d bother with a Due in the first place.


UDOO is quad-core computer-on-a-stick that also does everything Arduino

The UDOO is a mini computer board does everything: Android, Linux, Arduino. It slices, it dices…you get the idea.


AMD fires back at Intel's Haswell with its A-Series desktop processors

AMD has launched its latest A-series APUs, which integrate powerful graphics and microprocessor technology to take on Intel's latest microprocessor, Haswell.

Intel releases faster, more-efficient Core CPUs in renewed bid for mobile market

Intel finally takes the wraps off its highly anticipated, all-new 4th-generation Core microarchitecture, codenamed Haswell.

Intel's new mobile lineup: Desktop performance in portable packaging

Intel's most powerful new mobile CPUs will feature Intel's best new integrated graphics processor. But you might not find them in Ultrabooks.

Intel buys satellite navigation chips business from ST-Ericsson

Intel has confirmed that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire certain assets of the Global Navigation Satellite System business of ST-Ericsson, extending its investments in positioning technology. Financial terms weren't disclosed.

Intel Atom will reportedly power Samsung tablet

The forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 will reportedly run on an Intel Atom processor, which would be a big win in the mobile space for the chipmaker.

Cut custom circuit boards with the Othermill

The Othermill aims to be a portable, desktop CNC machine that could help you build a custom-made printed circuit board.