Don't-Miss Component Stories

Gentlemen, start your solid-state engines: Intel takes overclocking to SSDs

At IDF 2013, Intel will demonstrate a way to overclock its SSDs. But even if you can overclock SSDs, is it smart to do so?

IBM POWER8 roadmap

IBM's Watson could get even smarter with Power8 chip

IBM disclosed some of the tchnical details of its Power8 chip on Monday, with the expectation that technologies like "Watson" will get even better.

Xbox One full specs

Xbox One's massive, custom CPU can pick you out of a lineup

At the Hot Chips conference at Stanford, Microsoft designers reveal the chips at the heart of the Xbox One console as well as its Kinect depth sensor.

HSA targets native parallel execution in Java virtual machines by 2015

Industry consortium HSA Foundation intends to bring native support for parallel acceleration in Java virtual machines, which would make it easier to tap into multiple processors like graphics processors to speed up code execution.

Samsung Ad

Samsung’s ridiculous ad for the 840 EVO SSD will live forever in Web infamy

The viral ad is so horrible, you can not look away. And it just might be the most brilliant marketing move in Samsung's history.

Toshiba takes step toward 3D flash memory chips

This new type of memory chip being developed by Toshiba could provide vastly greater capacity at a lower cost for digital gadgets such as cameras, smartphones and tablets.

Bring on the 20Gbps speeds: Asus announces world's first Thunderbolt 2 motherboard

You think USB 3.0's 5Gbps transfer speeds are fast? Thunderbolt 2 is FOUR TIMES FASTER.

Intel previews multimode LTE chips, with eyes on U.S. handset market

Intel is close to shipping multimode LTE capabilities by the end of this month. Why? Because that's how the chipmaker can boost its share of the mobile device market in the U.S.

HP joins Nvidia's Grid alliance

Hewlett-Packard will equip a Gen8 Proliant blade server with graphics boards that can speed up and lower the cost of virtual desktop deployments.

Windows 8 comes to open-source PCs with GizmoSphere board

The Gizmo is compatible with Windows 8 and older versions of the OS, including Windows 7 and XP, making it a possible PC replacement.

Intel proposes new standard to light up data transfers

Intel is looking to use light and lasers to shuffle data faster among servers, and is proposing a new optical interconnect, MXC, that could change the way servers are implemented in data centers.

Nvidia Tegra Tab

Rumor: Nvidia to make its own tablet

A number of Chinese blogging sites conclude that Nvidia's follow-up to the Nvidia Shield is its own tablet.

Next-gen storage wars: In the battle of RRAM vs 3D NAND flash, all of us are winners

While resistive RAM's chances of crowding out NAND flash anytime soon are slim, the coming RAM wars mean mobile users are likely to have hundreds of gigabytes, or even a terabyte, of storage at their fingertips.