Don't-Miss Component Stories

chip wafer

DARPA eyes faster design of military chips

The U.S. military's research division has kicked off a project to accelerate its design of custom chips, so the latest semiconductor technologies can be used more quickly in defense applications.

amd radeon

AMD pushes Crimson driver fan speed hotfix after reports of overheating Radeon cards

AMD's new Software Radeon Crimson recently exited beta, and with it came drivers that caused some systems to lock fan performance to 20 percent regardless of the workload.

Imagination Technologies Creator Ci40

Imagination hopes Creator board will woo IoT developers to its MIPS platform

Chip maker Imagination Technologies is readying a new development board to help hardware designers connect smart devices to the Internet.

only two ways lsuyd1

Happy birthday USB: The standard turns 20, and proud inventor Ajay Bhatt tells all

PCWorld asks Intel Fellow Ajay Bhatt why he was inspired to create USB, why Apple didn't play along at first, and why, oh why it didn't have a reversible connector.

Huawei battery smartphone

Huawei prototype battery charges to 50 percent in five minutes

Huawei's prototype smartphone battery was shown off in a pair of videos.

151112 vanderbilt battery 1

Fool's gold could mean faster-charging batteries

Researchers at Vanderbilt University have gained new insight into the nanoscale workings of lithium-ion batteries, a discovery that could speed the development of batteries that can be recharged in seconds.

jetson tx1 module hand

Nvidia powers up drones, robots with Jetson TX1 board

Nvidia's Jetson TX1 board delivers 1 teraflops of performance and will ship for $599 on Nov. 16

151106 llnl li ion battery closeup

Researchers discover hydrogen treatment brings better batteries

Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have discovered lithium ion batteries can last longer and charge faster if their electrodes are treated with hydrogen.

A lithium-ion battery cell that is commonly used today.

Longer-lasting, fast-charging battery could displace lithium-ion

A new battery from Prieto Battery could provide five times more energy capacity

fluffy battery

Fluffy carbon electrodes bring lithium-air batteries closer to reality

Lithium-air batteries will have a higher energy density than lithium-ion batteries, if a way can be found to make them. Researchers say that's still 10 years off, however.

optical drive

Europe fines optical drive cartel $132 million for colluding against Dell and HP

Buyers of Dell and Hewlett-Packard PCs may have paid over the odds for their optical drives between 2004 and 2008 as a result of a cartel arrangement between eight component manufacturers


AMD suffers another loss at the hands of the PC market

AMD beats analyst revenue expectations, but reports another loss for the third quarter.

Microsoft Datacenter

Why Intel continues to make money while PCs nose-dive, in two words

While AMD gets burned by the shrinking PC market, Intel has insulated itself by developing another business that's going gangbusters.

Intel logo

Intel earnings reveal weaker chip sales offset by a growing data center business

Intel's third-quarter profits dipped even as revenue rose. A 39 percent drop in Atom sales was especially grim, but the company's higher-end CPUs continued to sell for good prices.

tu300 018

This isn't a carry-on suitcase, it's the Lian Li PC-TU300 carry-on PC case

When you simply must take your PC with you, the new Lian Li PC-TU300 turns it into rolling, liquid-cooled luggage.