Don't-Miss Component Stories

Carbon nanotubes could be the future of transistor technology

Though chip transistors have traditionally been made with silicon, a team from USC has developed carbon nanotubes that could replace silicon and allow for faster transistors.


Panasonic multi-band for M2M networks

Panasonic creates multi-band M2M chip with 20-year lifespan

Panasonic has developed a tiny, low-power chip for sensor networks and Internet-connected appliances, which it says is the first to support a broad range of frequency bands.

Consortium takes steps to break multicore programming barriers

Programming for multicore systems can be complex, so an industry consortium led by Advanced Micro Devices has taken a step ahead in its goal to eliminate development challenges so applications are portable across devices, architectures and operating systems

Future of computer interaction on display in Paris

The future of computing comes to Paris this week with the annual Computer Human Interaction (CHI) conference, which showcases new approaches to the way users connect with electronics.


Computer interaction conference promises cutting-edge demos

There will be a ton of interesting research and prototypes on display at the Computer Human Interaction (CHI) conference in Paris this week.

Western Digital rolls out ultra-slim 5mm Ultrabook drives

If you want the thinnest of Ultrabooks but don't need a costly SSD, WD's new thin and slim 5mm hard drives—in standard and hybrid varieties—can save you both space and dough.

Wall Street Beat: Tech bellwethers report mixed quarter

Some of the biggest names in IT including IBM, Microsoft, Google and Intel reported quarterly earnings this week, revealing a picture of the tech sector that, while not as gloomy as had been feared, is nevertheless mixed.

Adoption of DDR4 memory faces delays

The memory market is feeling the effects of a fall in PC shipments with the subsequent stabilization of DRAM prices, which industry observers say will delay the wide adoption of the upcoming DRAM called DDR4.


Wall Street Beat: Weak PC sales rain on tech stocks' parade

Just as tech stocks were starting to rise this week, dismal PC sales reports for the first quarter burst the very short-lived bubble, causing shares of IT companies to fall back to earth Thursday.

Products with faster USB speeds to reach market in 2014

Products based on a USB specification that will double the data transfer rates between host devices and peripherals will reach the market in late 2014, the standards-setting organization said on Thursday.

Much faster USB transfer speeds in the works

In the future, PCs and mobile devices connected to peripherals via USB ports will be able to transfer data at twice the speed possible today.


Rare earth metals might be a little less rare thanks to Japanese sea mud

“Rare earth” refers to the scarcity of easily-mined ores of the elements. Last month, we discussed a breakthrough in large-scale electrolysis that could make refining these ores and oxides much easier; now, Japan’s announcement of the discovery of a huge deposit of rare-earth minerals could make the market that much more competitive.


Intel debuts Haswell-related tools at 2013 Game Developers conference

New rendering extensions are designed for the graphics core in Intel's next-generation CPU, code-named Haswell.