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Intel sales, profits slide for 2012, but data center business growing

Intel saw sales and profits drop in 2012, as the company was hit by a slide in demand for personal computers and its continued inability to make it big in the smartphone and tablet markets, but its data center business continued to grow.

DARPA, SRC pony up $194 million to fund chip research

The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and a consortium of top semiconductor companies will hand out $194 million to universities for research that addresses the physical limitations of semiconductors and chips.

The biggest, baddest, most utterly ridonkulous PC coolers of all time

Behold! A visual smorgasbord celebrating CPU and GPU coolers designed for people who have more case space than common sense. We hope you're ready for a lot of copper.

10 weird and wonderful Raspberry Pi hacks

In the time since the credit card-size Raspberry Pi computer went on sale, hardware hackers have customized the PC to be everything from a game console to a mini Linux laptop to a supercomputer. We give you the best of the Pi community's hacks.

Gigabyte wants you to build your own all-in-one

Gigabyte and Intel try to prove that DIY is not dead in the PC world, offering components that let users build their own AIO PCs.

Xi3 Project Piston - CES 2013

Xi3 Project Piston - CES 2013

Broadcom says chip integration will drive NFC adoption

Broadcom thinks it can make NFC a common smartphone feature by offering it in a chip with other wireless technologies, even if making payments with the technology doesn't catch on for years.


10 killer PC upgrades for less than $250

Sometimes a single component upgrade can push your PC over the edge. Allow us to make some timely holiday suggestions.

Toshiba developing MRAM for smartphone processors

Toshiba has developed a low-power, high-speed version of MRAM memory that it says can cut power consumption in mobile CPUs by two-thirds.


Tiny Raspberry Pi arcade cabinet is tiny, doesn't try to overcompensate

An arcane cabinet that is only slightly larger than a lighter? We're cool with this.


Raspberry Pi will get its own version of Minecraft

Raspberry Pi gets its own version of Minecraft and an official $25 camera add-on.


Paul Otellini at Mobile World Congress 2012

Intel CEO Paul Otellini announces May retirement

Intel CEO Paul Otellini will retire as an officer and director of the company in May, ending a four-decade career with the company.

The evolution of the computer keyboard

Trace the ongoing development of techies' favorite input tool, from typewriter mimic to clacky workhorse to enhanced flat-screen.

Black Friday watcher: Amazon's the one to beat; tablets will be hot sellers

Network World talks to Black Friday watcher Michael Brim of to sort out this holiday season's shopping trends.