Don't-Miss Component Stories

ibm carbon nanotube chips

IBM's next-gen chips may swap silicon for carbon nanotubes

A breakthrough in IBM's research on future semiconductors has produced a way to put carbon nanotubes on chip wafers in large numbers, perhaps replacing silicon chips.

Cubieboard is like a Raspberry Pi on steroids

Cubieboard is a serious computer on a stick with a 1GHz ARM processor that can run Android, Ubuntu, or Linux.


Raspberry Pi display drivers go fully open-source

The Raspberry Pi Foundation announced Wednesday that the Broadcom display hardware used in its flagship Raspberry Pi system board is now the first ARM-based system-on-a-chip to use open-source drivers provided entirely by the vendor.

foxconn zhengzhou

Tech factory contrast: Foxconn ascends, while Sharp struggles

China's Foxconn manufacturing sites are expanding based on cheap labor, while Japan's older, traditional Sharp plants hang on through cost-cutting measures.

New DDR4 specification sets the stage for new DRAM in computers

The final specification of DDR4 DRAM, which will help PCs run faster through more power-efficient data transfers, was published Tuesday.

Chip manufacturing race between Intel, ARM tightening

GlobalFoundries is making manufacturing technology advances that could help it catch up with Intel's manufacturing process by 2014.

Intel Reverses Course, Bringing Android to Clover Trail Chips for Tablets

Tablets running on Intel's upcoming Atom chip code-named Clover Trail could come with the Android OS, adding another OS option for the processor platform in...

On 100th Birthday, Sharp Seeks Salvation in Talking Vacuums

It's probably fair to ask why Japanese electronics maker Sharp -- deep in debt and red ink, cutting workers and salaries, awash in excess inventory in the brutal...

Panasonic Factories Damaged, Shut in Anti-Japan Protests in China

Two Panasonic component factories have been vandalized and shut down in China amid the widespread anti-Japanese protests sweeping the country, a company...

Intel's show signals market shift from PC to mobile devices

This year's Intel Developer Forum was upstaged by Apple's iPhone 5 launch event, which to some show attendees felt like a reprise of last year, when IDF had to...

Intel works to extend mobile device battery life by solving radio problems

Intel on Thursday showed off technologies for the future that are designed to improve the computing experience by extending the battery life of PCs, making...

Inside Intel's Haswell CPU: Better performance, all-day battery

Intel's latest CPU walks the power and features tightrope to deliver PCs with longer battery life and better performance

Thunderbolt not yet feasible for smartphones and tablets, Intel says

The Thunderbolt interconnect technology could take a while to reach smartphones and tablets because of power consumption issues that need to be resolved, Intel...