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Five new things we know about Skylake

Intel's Skylake chips will be released after Windows 10, and tablets, laptops and desktops will follow in quick succession

computex 2013 showfloor 100040876 gallery

Computex 2015: The powerful, wacky, and important PC gear you need to know about

From new Intel and AMD chips to one of the most fire-breathing graphics cards ever to a crazy laser-projected mouse you have to see to believe, this is the PC gear you need to know about from Computex 2015.

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Average cost of a 128GB SSD now just $50 for PC makers

Contract prices being paid by laptop and desktop manufacturers for SSDs have dropped dramatically over the past year.

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The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Thursday, June 4

Prototype of HP's Machine due next year

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Acer shifts to IoT with enterprise focus

Acer has been focusing less on PCs, and more on enterprise and cloud products


Big news in mini-PCs: Asus shows prototypes with Intel Skylake at Computex

Skylake, with its wireless charging and other advances, could be Intel's most important chip in a decade. The Asus mini-PCs offered a peek, but no firm word yet on pricing or release date.


Microsoft teases first wave of Windows 10 devices from HP, Dell, and Toshiba

Part of the first wave of Windows 10 devices, some of these feature biometric authentication.

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Intel's tiny Compute Stick PC could pack a bigger punch this winter

A leaked product roadmap indicates double the RAM, double the storage, and a boost to Core M processors.

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Apple's 12-inch MacBook won't reach Thunderbolt 3 data transfer speeds

Thunderbolt 3 cables will plug into USB Type-C ports of Apple's 12-inch MacBook, but transfer data at USB 3.0 speeds of 5Gbps

dell inspiron 15 7000 series 2 in 1

Dell warms to AMD processors in new laptops, desktops

Dell's new Inspiron 5000 desktop replacement laptops run on AMD's upcoming Carrizo chips

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Asus pushes a range of Skylake-compatible machines at Computex

So long, Broadwell. Asus's new line of computers packs Skylake—including its gorgeous, iMac-like Zen AiO.


Intel brings more bandwidth and USB-C compatibility to Thunderbolt 3

Thunderbolt's not dead. It's getting better, offer four times the data and and twice the video bandwidth of any other cable.

acer predator tablet

Acer sheds more light on mysterious Predator 8 gaming tablet

The Predator 8 gaming tablet has an Intel Cherry Trail chip and the Android OS.