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Intel's new Broadwell U NUC can do what it used to take a $5,000 8-core PC to do.

Can a pint-sized NUC PC run what it used to take a dual processor, Core 2 Extreme system with 8 cores to do? Yes, except the NUC actually does it better.

Intel's 3rd-gen NUC gets a Broadwell U facelift and optional integrated NFC and TV Tuner support but it still isn't as small as the pocket-sized Compute Stick

Now in its third iteration, Intel's NUC line gets a Broadwell U refresh that makes it as fast in some chores as a $5,000 PC from 2008. The real shocker though is Intel's new Compute Stick. A full featured quad-core PC that is only slightly bigger than a USB thumb drive.

Take that Alienware, MSI's GS30 features a Game Dock to give your thin and light laptop real power

MSI's GS30 Game Dock lets you run a powerful GPU by simply docking your laptop to it.

HP’s new Sprout PC has 3D scanning, virtual sketchpad

HP is making the virtual world feel a bit more real with its new double touchscreen computer called Sprout. The $1,900 all-in-one PC has powerful imaging and touch technology.

Mainframe at 50: A look back at a transformative computing triumph

IBM’s System/360 was a computing system that not only transformed the company that developed it, but the computer industry as a whole.

IBM's mainframe turns 50

On April 7, 1964, IBM announced the System/360 -- regarded by many as the first modern mainframe. Despite repeated predictions of their demise, mainframes still power much of today's critical infrastructure.

Stieger Leet PC

Stieger Leet PC

Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon Cart - Rapid Review

Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon Cart - Rapid Review

14 inch Razer Blade - PCWorld Update

14" Razer Blade - PCWorld Update

Xbox One, Sad Larry Page, and Robot Doctors - TechWatch

Xbox One, Sad Larry Page, and Robot Doctors - TechWatch